Frozen creek and I've got the dry skin blues

It's the first time I've seen the creek frozen since we moved in. You know it's cold when moving water is freezing! My granddaughter thought dancing on the ice was all fun and games until she ended up face down with a leg in the creek :o) I was taking pictures and I heard a big splatt and a loud giggle. When I turned around, there she lay. Since nothing was hurt we got a big laugh out of it. Fadra didn't know what to make of all the sudden excitement but I think she was just happy she didn't end up along side of Ashley in the creek. They both had a ball sliding around on the ice!

Needless to say with all this below zero weather my skin is so dry it's time to put a little skin therapy into action. I must admit I am notorious for not washing my face properly or putting on body lotion in the wintertime. I do it occasionally (just enough to get by or for a night out) but nothing like everyday. I think it's because I have a tendency to get cold. I want to get my clothes or jammies on as soon as possible and I don't want my face cold before bed. Or I'm just lazy!Whether it be the latter or not I just know I have a tendency to not do it like I should when it's cold. Then I wake up one morning flaking all over. In an effort to take better care of my self rather than my stuff this year I've been planning to start doing a better job, cold or not so I've been doing some online research for reverse and anti-aging facial products along with body and hand lotions. In order to fit my lifestyle I have found I need to be able to buy it at the drugstore. I run out before I order stuff online and I only go to the mall once in a while. I purchased some St. Ives Apricot Scrub over the weekend to start with. I have started using it on my face in my morning shower and I am loving it so far. No more dry specks and I haven't broken out. So far so good on that one. I have been out of night facial cream for awhile and I am down to my last bit of daytime moisturizer so I've decided to change it up a bit and try something new and add some more products. Establishing a routine I think will be essential so I have to work on that. For my needs and after reading reviews and doing research for products in my price range I am going to try the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives line for my new facial product. I am happy with the Bath and Bodyworks line for everyday body lotions and when you need some healing lotions you can't beat the Jergens line. Both lines have received excellent reviews and I have them already so I just have to use them. I also recommend the Jergens Natural Glow products if you want a little color that is gradual and looks natural. Oh, and one more thing, the best lip balm by far is Burts Bees. I do manage to put some of it on every night before bed. I guess that's one thing in my favor. I have one in my nightstand and one in my purse at all times. Well I'm off to the drug store! Wish me luck on establishing that routine :o) I might even try exercising this year! I'll keep you posted ♥ 

                     Video: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Cold Shot (Official) 

Snow again

We've been living in a deep freeze here the past week with snow showers off and on. I love the snow! That's, of course, if I don't have to drive in it. Today was perfect with it starting as I was getting to work and stopping right before lunch. I've mostly been concerned about keeping warm here lately and I want to tell you that the Pottery Barn bedset I invested in is the best thing I have bought since I can remember. I have not gotten even the least bit chilly under it. I normally have a comforter and a couple quilts over me since we set our thermostat at 68 or leave the EdenPure heater set at about midways. It's chilly in the mornings but then again that's how it should be in the wintertime. We used to see who could get closest to the fireplace or fuel oil stove as a kid first thing on a frosty morning. That's what you called cold when everything fizzled out at night and the house was actually froze in the mornings :o) You can see a picture of my bedset with a link here. Love it!


As far as warm clothing, I always wear tights or thin leggings under jeans with my Ugg boots when it's really cold. I usually go with three layers on top. I did pick myself up a pair of skinny jeans I was going to wear with my new Ugg's today but the snow came. I did pick out a lovely embroidered top I got for practically nothing on ebay. If you don't shop on ebay for used clothing you should. Avoid electronics though, I haven't had luck with those. I paired the top with a long, thick sweater and I am warm as a bug in a rug today. But then again I have the furnace cranked too ♥  


Vogue - Katy Perry's Inauguration Photo Diary

Katy Perry shared her personal photos and her stories of the Inauguration of President Obama on Vogue yesterday.  You can see all the pictures and read her story here which is pretty cool.  I am not a huge fan of hers but don't get me wrong I do like her. I hear her alot on the radio and catch her on tv occasionally and that's enough for me. I did get a huge kick over the whole Sesame Street cleavage uproar. She looked just fine to me and really pretty! People can be so uptight sometimes. Being a fan of John Mayer I am glad to see he looks very happy with her. Unlike some of his awkward photos with other girlfriends. Looks like they had a great time! I would love to hear a music collaboration from them. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


                     Video: Katy Perry and Elmo on Sesame Street

                     Video: Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Official)

Yay! My camera remote works!

♥ Dress: Burlington Coat Factory
♥ Tee/Tights/Belt:  JC Pennys
♥ Boots: Modcloth

This is the first batch of outfit pictures I have gotten around to taking with my new camera using my remote and it worked like a dream. I can't believe how unbelievably simple it really was :o) Now if I can just work out a way to hide the damn thing! During the holidays I had to take a break from my online photography class but I am happy to say that I am getting back into the swing of it. Still don't know quite what I'm doing but I'm learning and isn't that what it's all about. I had a few minutes after work the other day so I thought I would venture around a bit to see if I could find a decent spot to take outfit pictures since it's still dark by the time I get home. I've taken a few around the office but haven't been really all that happy with them. No place where I know I can sit the camera up when I have a little time and be able to shoot a couple shots I know I'll like. I was on a mission to find the spot! I thought this hallway would be perfect since it has a lot of light without a bunch of eyesore sort of stuff sitting around but as it turns out the lights were in all the wrong places. I didn't care for it after all but I got a couple of decent photos I guess. It was major fun snapping a bunch of pictures without having to reset a camera each time, though.   

I think I found my sweet spot on the corner staircase. Yay again! ♥
(My plants look a bit limp. I'll have to remedy that by adding water! lol) 

I actually think a smaller brown belt closer to the color of my shoes would have looked better with this dress but the belt was new and I wanted to wear it to see how it felt wearing it all day for future reference. I bought this dress last spring to take to Florida and you can see those pics here. Who ever thought I'd be wearing a tropical print in the wintertime. You gals are rubbing off on me which is a very good thing!!

Junk room to walk-in closet

I am so thrilled with my new room! I had a few items I had to work around which included my cedar wardrobe, my sweeper, my big mirror and my chest of drawers. I decided to move the wardrobe out of the corner and hide my sweeper beside it and move the chest of drawers under the mirror. Not too much thinking to solve that problem. My hubby did the research on the actual shelving and rods. I wanted something that would withstand a lot of weight. Wire racks cannot withstand very much weight so we went for heavy duty rods and shelving. He found what he was looking for at  Lowes and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It's not going anywhere and especially not on the floor :o) They only come in certain lengths so make sure you get out your measuring tape and have your plan in place before you buy. 


My best friend had this beautiful mirror made for me for my basement at my other house. Of course I couldn't leave it or cover it up so I've worked around it. It's quite awesome! If you don't have a wall hanging that you can't part with you could add more shelves and rods for clothes, shoes or storage.  


The top shelves I used to store items I don't use sewing basket, my suitcase and a big Longaberger basket. I use my suitcase and basket to store things which need mending or things I want to give away or sell on ebay. I tried to find a spot for everything and keep things together. It's been one of the best things I've ever done! My hubby is taller so he uses his top shelf for sweaters. I didn't have anywhere to put my skates so I snagged part of his spot to put those. There is also a middle shelf which I use to rotate things. Like I put my pajamas there if I can get another night's wear from them without going into the dirty clothes. I also can sit shoes, undies or anything I might need should I get the energy to pick out my clothes the night before. My hubby uses his to sit his favorite everyday shoes on. I also purchased Pottery Barn baskets to fit on top of my wardrobe for extra storage space.


I needed a step-stool so after some looking around I found this great chair which doubles as a step-stool. When you are dealing with small spaces if you can find one item that can double for another I say go for it every time. It's all about being able to keep what you love and having room for what you need too.


Even though our house had been remodeled they did not add any electrical outlets. Old houses just don't have many so you have to make decisions on where to put stuff sometimes strictly as to whether or not you have an outlet to plug it into. I had to find a spot for my laptop and my hubby's netbook where I could keep them plugged in and easy to get to. Since there are only 2 outlets in the whole room I knew I would have to find a way to hide cords and have enough outlets for the computers and I wanted one left empty for the iron, hair dryer, chargers or anything else I may need to plug in. I decided to get a basket and put an electrical strip in it and hide the cords inside the basket. I use an additional extension cord to my laptop. There is also room in the basket for the mouse for the netbook. I can sit my ironing board right in front of the dresser and plug my iron in the empty plug-in right there which gives me plenty of cord to work with.


I found this great little computer desk at Target. It pulls in and out. I love it! It even has a small drawer. I wanted a spot where I could also sew if the mood were to strike me and there's lots of space on top for that.  The stool is also a file cabinet. Another item that doubles as something else! It can be rolled in and out and fits nicely under the desk.

This chest was left by the road for the garbage and we saved it a few years ago. It needed some TLC but I think it cleaned up nicely. Since we already have chests in our bedroom for socks, undies, pajamas and those sort of items I use this one for toiletries, belts, purses, hair items and general storage. I keep my perfumes and anything that smells good in the large basket you see. I also keep whatever book I am reading at the time in it. I found it's a good spot to put things you use daily. As you can see by the picture I still have the right-hand corner there to deal with. I have plans to replace my coffee table with a large storage ottoman and put my quilts in it which will open up that space some but since that is down the road I think I will need to do something sooner. I also have a few plastic storage tubs under the quilts which are currently storing pictures and keepsakes.  I am thinking maybe storage shelves with cubes or baskets but I haven't gotten that far yet. There is plenty of room to go to the ceiling on that side of the mirror so that's the way I am currently leaning. From the looks of it I need to get on that! 


I keep my ironing board behind the door as you come into the room. I got a corner Longaberger laundry hamper to save space and we added a cupboard to store towels and such.  The picture on the right shows my old closet in our bedroom which my hubby turned into a shoe closet for me. Now you can see why I am so thrilled to have some room! I had crap stuck everywhere. There is another just like it on the other side of the wall and we now keep coats in it along with my hubby's personal stuff. Those were the only 2 closets we had for awhile. I don't know how we lived with just that much space for as long as we did. I guess you don't miss what you don't have but I certainly would not go back :o)

I am so pleased with the outcome of our endeavor. I still have a bit of work to do but I'm loving it!!

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Beatles and Led Zepplin Mash-Up

The Beatles and Led Zepplin mash-up! Is this the coolest thing you've ever seen or heard? The Beatles are my all time favorite band and I was just jamming to Led Zepplin II the other day. I've spent many hours listening to these fellows throughout my lifetime. Love them!

Now that's what I call music! ♥