Snow after Christmas

First off I want to say I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got everything their heart desired whether it was gifts, spiritual or just having fun with friends and family. Even though I only put out a little ceramic Christmas tree on Thursday last week we finally got in the swing of things. My Christmas party was Friday and I had so much fun that my hubby had to take me home early before I fell off the barstool :o) I was in the bed before 11:30. Saturday was last minute shopping, picking up the Honey Baked Ham and a little hair of the dog at Outback Steakhouse. Wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies filled the evening. Sunday was spent going to the grocery, cooking and cleaning. Monday and Tuesday were spent with family celebrating, eating, opening gifts and catching up. Everyone had a great time! The Furby's were a big hit and totally hilarious! I think I should have gotten myself one :o)

Santa was very good to me this year. I got a new pair of chocolate UGG boots, a Bose portable sounddock (which I have been wanting for years), 2 coats from Modcloth which you can see here and here, a pair of Victoria's Secret flannel pj's with houseslippers, Bath and Body Works goodies, a sweet smelling Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle and wax warming set which my oldest granddaughter had to elbow a lady away from on black Friday (I'm so proud! lol) and other little things consisting of the movie Red Riding Hood, a brown belt to match my boots, some tights, a red rose containing a pretty ring and earrings from my granddaughter and a $50 bill to mention a few. I must have been a very good girl this year ♥   

The day after Christmas we woke up to lots of snow. I went into work for a little bit but they were calling for blizzard conditions and tons of snow so my boss let me go home. Yay! It took me almost an hour to get home. It normally takes me 15 minutes. I don't think I ever went over 25 mph. I do travel a different way when there is bad weather due to all the hills around my work and home which is a bit longer but better safe than sorry. Don't want to end up in the ditch for sure. 


I was so happy to finally see my road. We ended up with about 6" of snow which was less than expected but still very nasty. On another note, the house above was for sale at the same time ours was. It had been remodeled and is beautiful. Of course I had to take a look. However it was much too big and expensive for what we were looking for but isn't it pretty in the snow? Around the corner and there's mine in sight. I made it home without any problems but I hate driving in the snow!


Home Sweet Home!!

I used the extra time off from work to put away all my goodies and rearrange some drawer space. I warmed up the last of the Christmas ham with leftovers and we watched Elf.  Perfect ending to a wonderful holiday!

I just saw a million birds at lunchtime today...well maybe not a million, but alot!

  Video: PSY - Gangnam Style (My son enlightened me on the web sensation over Christmas after I told him I hadn't actually watched it. We did a little Gangnam Style around the house


  1. Ack! I'm chilled just looking at the snow! I had a rainy Xmas. And a delicious dinner. Wishing you a wonderful and happy New Years!

    1. Hi Bella, it's still been snowing here off and on. Temps in the teens today...bbbbrrrrrr! I hope you had a wonderful New Year yourself! Thanks for stopping by.


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