Fadra's Motion Picture Snapshot

Over the weekend I spent a bit of time getting to know my new camera so I could better understand my photography class. I downloaded the full manual from the cd that came with the camera which is much more in depth than the small printed reference manuals they include and I started at the beginning. There's just so much to learn. One of the main things I've learned so far is that you are much more likely to take good pictures if you learn to use your camera's abilities and the only way to do that is to read your manual and get acquainted. I made notes as I went and fiddled with my camera as well. I decided to skip over the parts which dealt with video as I will tackle that another day. But I found something cool before I moved on. Apparently I have 4 modes on my dial and one is named Motion Picture Snapshot.  You take a picture and you have your picture plus you have a one second video. I thought it was pretty neat and something I plan to try a bit more. Fadra will be hiding for sure! The color is not correct but that is something else I will tackle another day. Otherwise I thought it was very cool!  Here's Fadra's video snippet debut ♥


She was my guinea pig throughout my lesson but finally refused to look at me anymore and wanted to go to bed. She was asleep before the light was ever turned off. She has such a rough life! 

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