Election Day...

Somebody shoot me!

I have been so bombarded with presidential commercials for the last two days I am losing my mind. I think I heard someone say "you just can't trust that guy" in my dreams last night. Living in Ohio we are what they are calling the swing state which means to me that we have had to endure more than our fair share of mudslinging and politicing. I haven't even seen my one boss all day who said he would be in after he voted this morning. He's probably somewhere drinking Manhattan cocktails and discussing the present state of the election. At least he's out of my hair and I guess that's why I've been able to listen to the radio. Everyone is so wrapped up in who is going to be the President no one is interested in their legal problems today.  It is interesting in that I can't ever remember a presidential election being so close and to be in the state that may decide the outcome I think it has taken over and become an entity of its own. One commercial tells you something and the next comes on and mentions that very commercial and says it's a lie. It is kind of funny actually :o) Remember....I am Barack Obama, candidate for President, and I approved this message....lol At least the radio station is really rockin'!

You could be the difference in what was and what could have been so get out and vote!!!  
(I heard it on the radio ♥)

Video: INXS - Devil's Party (audio only)

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