Bell Bottom Blues

I had planned to wear my new Anne Klein boots today but it seems I am developing an ingrown toenail and I had grabbed socks which were too thick. Which boiled down to a big ole "ouch"! Rather than getting a new pair of socks or leaving them off all together and/or cutting my toenail I decided to just forego the new boots and put on my old comfortable favorite Uggs. Besides I need some Levi skinny jeans so you can really see them. I hate going shopping for jeans because I have to try on a dozen different pairs. I currently only wear the Levi lowrise bootcuts which are basically just bellbottoms but I'm yearning for the skinny jean-boot look so a solo shopping trip for skinny jeans is in order.  I mean a girl with a few new pairs of boots needs to showcase them with some new jeans, don't you think?

I did, however, wear my new sweater which I love love love! 

Went to the dentist yesterday and I have that fresh feeling today :o)

Just thinking about how I am going to have to torture my bff for putting thoughts of Bloody Face from American Horror Story - Asylum in my head when I heard a noise down here in the basement today. Thoughts of a madman killer who wears another's bloody face is not what I want in my head while down in the grundgy spider ravaged cellar that seems to have a voice all it's own. But yet that was the first thing that popped in my head after hearing a creak of some type. We were talking yesterday and she said she couldn't believe I didn't think such things down there. I'm like...well, now I will, thank you very much!! But never fear I've got a spot all picked out for her ♥

Speaking of American Horror Story, it's scaring the living daylights outta me. I love it!!

At least I'm glad I didn't wear my new boots after all since I had to venture down the stairs. I hope Bloody Face stays at the Asylum where he belongs ♥

Video: Eric Clapton - Bell Bottom Blues (Live)

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