Bass booties, love 'em!!

♥ Top: Found in the back of my closet with tag ripped off
♥ Pencil Skirt: Addicted Brand (Burlington Coat Factory)

I'm pleased to say that I am back to happily dancing in my chair to Larosa's commercials. I didn't actually loose my mind from listening to so many political ads but I guess it would depend on who you talk to for a real verdict on that one.  Let's hope our president can now get some things accomplished. We can only hope for a better future for us all.

I think I was drained from the time change, the election and excited for a new episode of American Horror Story so much that I didn't take the time to take many pictures of this outfit but I wanted to show off my new boots. Maybe this weekend I'll learn to use the self-timer on my new camera. It does take much clearer pictures. It's officially winter now because it's almost completely dark by the time I get home so I guess no outdoor shots for awhile.

Anyhoo,  I love these Bass boots! They are so comfortable. I wore them all day without ever having worn them before and my feet were no worse for wear.  I have had a few pairs of Bass shoes over the years and it seems they never wear out. They are very well made. I have a wide short foot so I prefer to order my shoes through the mail so I can get a wide width. Also new shoes come so nicely packaged and you know no one's foot has ever been inside them. If you are a little strapped for cash you can always make payments through They have tons of shoes and accessories and liberal credit with small payments.  

I wonder what I stepped on or should I say in?

I'm still in need of some skinny jeans. Why do I hate to shop for jeans so bad?????? Maybe I need to stop by the bar on my way :o) 

Video: Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait

Babel - Mumford & Sons

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