That rice trick for electronics really works!

In February of 2011 we attended a Kid Rock show. It was the first of his "Born Free" tour. I had saved a bottle of Kid Rock's Badass beer that a friend from Detroit had brought to me and I was so excited! We had seats close to the stage and passes to the Jim Beam Red Stag lounge.  Of course, I would be taking along my Sony Cybershot camera which I had used for many years. It was my first digital camera. I never learned to use many of the settings other than on auto but I could take it anywhere because of it's small size and I took hundreds of pictures with it over the years. It had gone everywhere with me. I loved it so! That evening there was a guy having a very good time next to me and he spilled his beer on my camera while I was holding it up to take a picture. I didn't get one drop of beer on my person but after that my camera would not flash and was not working properly. Of course, the guy didn't mean to do it so what could I do but put my old friend in my pocket, hope for the best and party on :o)
After the camera had a chance to dry out it still wouldn't flash or do other stuff properly and kept flashing some error code on the back. Most function buttons were not working so I could not reset it. It would take pictures without a flash but something wasn't quite right so I put the camera in its box and put it away and got a regular size point and shoot. Needless to say I have not been happy without it but didn't want to spend the big price on a new one without getting a dslr camera first. I've thought of throwing it out or giving it away many times whenever I would come across it but I just didn't have the heart. After getting my iPhone awhile back I downloaded an app which contained all types of tricks and tips and one of those was that if your phone got wet to put it in a bag of rice and it would dry it out. With having an interest in photography lately (btw, I am loving my online photography class) I dug out all my old cameras and manuals because as I have said I am going to learn to use them properly or go crazy one :o) Once again I came across my little Sony and I thought of the rice trick I had read about and decided to try it. Couldn't hurt a thing to try so I filled up a baggie with rice and put my camera in it with a wish and a prayer and left it in a drawer for 24 hours. I'll be damned if it didn't dry the camera out and it's working like a charm again! Wonders never cease I guess ♥ ♥

Sweater:  Style & Co.
Skirt:  Ralph Lauren
Boots:  Candies (gifted from my beautiful bff Jennifer)



The guy in the Kid Rock shirt was the culprit!!

So happy I have my old friend back to slip in my purse or pocket. I've missed it so much!

These last two were taken after the beer spill.


You can see more of the evening on my former blog here.

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