Some shots taken for my photography class

Look at the blurry background!!! YAY! Now if I can just figure out how I did it :o)

If you've read any of my posts lately you must know that I am taking an online beginner photography class. I have been digging out camera manuals and taking it very slow, trying to let it all sink in before getting too far ahead of myself. I always used film cameras and when digital came along I never really learned how to use the settings modes. I decided awhile back I wanted dslr camera but could not see any use in getting one if I didn't know how to use it property but I got one anyway figuring it would give me motivation to learn to use it. I'm pleased to say it has. While I was at it I wanted to learn to use my Nikon Coolpix point and shoot too. After some initial reading it appeared that I didn't know a thing about taking pictures! After I mastered the point and shoot I planned to take on my new Nikon J1.  But before I got very far on my Coolpix I came across my old camera, which I thought was a lost cause but hadn't had the heart to throw it out. To my surprise and joy with a little help from a bag of rice it was revived. I was so excited that it was working again I decided to learn to use it first. When looking at it again it really doesn't have many settings at all. Surely I could learn to use this little fellow better. It is a Sony Cybershot which I have had for many years but never really learned how to use other than on auto.  In looking at it now it doesn't appear to be half as intimidating as I remembered. I guess my first 5 lessons are sinking in a bit. When I glanced through the manual most of it actually made sense. Wow! These are my favorites from the first set of shots taken using controls I set myself on my Cybershot. This is really fun :o) I finally bought a notebook to write notes in since I have no idea what settings I chose while taking these pictures. What was I thinking? Next time I'll try and include some real information ♥



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