Saturday was date night!

♥ Dress:  Modcloth
♥ Sweater:  Ralph Lauren
♥ Booties: Modcloth-boots

On Saturday morning snoozing late was a must after all that booze on Friday night. After finally getting up I was still tired and since my favorite show recorded the night before I wanted to watch it while I tried to wake up. I absolutely love Haven! Although it's just one more reason to stay out of Maine :o) Art got up early and went to breakfast with his brothers and washed the car so I had the house to myself. If I wanted to watch tv in the morning, why not? I mean I was going to be another year older the next day so I figured I could do whatever I wanted. Although not productive I didn't have to wonder what strange occurrences were happening in that strange little town. I did finally get up and do a bit of housework since my family were coming over the next day for cake but I only gave it a lick and a promise. Before I knew it it was time to get ready. I bought my dress from Modcloth when they had the 70% off end of summer sale. I will be filling my pennybank for this one next year. I got 3 gorgeous dresses for $60. I have been saving this one to wear for my birthday. It's so pretty! Art bought me the sweater and gave it to me earlier since it matched so well. I bought the boots in the summer but this was the first time wearing them. I wish it had been a bit warmer but at least the sun was shining. 

Fadra hates to see us go!

So one last picture but she was doing her mad thing and wouldn't pose. What a diva!

We decided to head down to Cincinnati to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse which OMG is so good! It's expensive but worth it! We had a shrimp appetizer which you dip in plum sauce with hot mustard sprinkled on top that you mix yourself to start with. It's my favorite thing that they serve. For my entree I had filet with steak fries and a salad. All I can say is YUM! The Montgomery Inn is famous for their barbeque ribs and sauce which Bob Hope used to have flighted to him wherever he was. They have alot of his memorability at the original location in Montgomery. You can order the ribs and sauce for yourself now online for shipping anywhere. I highly recommend them. I didn't want to get sauce on my new dress so I passed on the ribs this time and I am really more of a steak person anyway but there were alot of bibs to be seen :o)  Speaking of Cincinnati our beloved Reds baseball team is in the playoffs..YAY! GO REDS!! (and yes, I do believe Pete Rose should be allowed in the hall of fame)

Here's the beautiful Montgomery Inn Boathouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Smoking pork! Apparently it's good to be King, he's not on the grill!

Our view of the Beautiful Ohio River from where we sat. Such a pretty day!

Lovely everywhere you looked!

Two days down and one to go ♥


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    1. Thank you so much! I wish the weather would have been warmer so I could have taken more pictures. It was just a bit too nippy :o)

  2. Beautiful look!!!I would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thank you Marcela, I just started following you but I thought I already was. Now I can see what I've been missing that I didn't know I was :o)


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