Just when you think it's time for a coat it warms up

♥ Boot Cut Jeans: Levi's
♥ Boots:  Ugg Classics

A couple of weeks ago, although sunny, it was cold enough in the evening hours to get out my new coat from last year. I wasn't sure about the color when I bought it but with oxblood being the color of fall this year it's perfect. Although more of a brick red it's still in the same color range. I purchased a couple of other coats so I didn't wear this one much but I plan to get it out more often this year. Although looking forward to wearing it more I am hoping for a mild winter. If the wooly worms are on my side, and they seem to be since the only ones I have seen were white, I won't be fighting too much snow. With it being in the 70's today who's thinking of snow anyway :o) 

I love my Classic Ugg Boots 

I'm still snapping those landscape pictures and this is my view going down the big hill into work everyday.  So pretty!
You can see why I am dreading snow. 

Video: Pink - Try

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