I decided to treat myself to an online photography class

I got a new camera awhile back which you can see here. It's a Nikon J1 with two lenses and I absolutely love it so far even though I don't have much of a clue of what I'm doing. It's my first dslr camera and it's a bit overwhelming seeings as how I normally point and shoot. Which is just fine but I really want to learn to use all the options on my new camera and my point and shoot as well. I mean why have a fancy smancy camera and not know how to do anything but push a button so with my birthday approaching fast (5 days and counting) I decided to treat myself to an online photography class. I've never taken an online class so it sounded fun and educational. A couple of months ago I came upon a great website through pinterest that has tons of photography tips that you can access for free. It's improvephotography.com and was started by a fellow who loves photography and seems to know his stuff. It's in layman terms and easy to understand which was what appealed to me. I signed up for email notifications awhile back and just yesterday received one about an online 30 day class which starts tomorrow. He sends you a video each day and at the end you get a pdf copy of all the materials. You can take the class at your leisure and he is available for questions throughout. I decided what the hey, why not! Wish me luck! I'm very excited!! 


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