How to tie a scarf and a bow via Modcloth video

I am not much for wearing scarfs even though I can crochet some pretty nice ones. I don't know why I don't wear them more. They are beautiful on other ladies but have just never been for me. I think it's because they feel bulky, most too long to do anything with, and the more I wrap them around my neck the bulkier they feel. My thick hair doesn't lay well over a bulk of fabric around my neck either so even though I make them for other people I don't normally wear them unless it's below zero. Obviously I have never learned how to tie them in those neat ways that you see people wear them. After watching this video I think I may have to give them a shot :o)

Modcloth also included a video on how to tie the perfect bow...bonus!!
Videos are via The Modcloth Blog


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