Birthday no. 55

My birthday finally arrived. No matter what you do that next birthday always rolls around, doesn't it? And thank God for that! But I still think that father time is not very nice sometimes. Can't do a thing about it, though, so I try not to reflect too much. Might as well enjoy the attention and forget that I'm older than dirt and have a good time! Although there was a song I heard that made me cry once over the weekend all in all I held up pretty well. Now to just look forward to another wonderful year! If you'd like to see my birthday post from last year you can see that here. 

The day started with my hubby picking up a great breakfast and bringing it back to the house to eat. Then after getting ready for the day we hung out awhile and figured since the kids couldn't arrive until that evening we would go somewhere for lunch. We ended up at TGI Fridays where you can watch any football game but there's always music playing so you don't have to listen to them. That's up my alley! The Browns and the Bengals both lost so that sucked but other than that lunch was excellent.

Time for ok, let's not burn the house down!!!!


I racked up some great gifts.... some clothes (even a sweater with a faux fur collar from my fashionable mom which made my hubby laugh), bath and body works stuff, 2 new pairs of colorful converse tennies, a new pair of jammies, a delicious smelling candle and the movie Dark Shadows. I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life! However, I think I could do without these extra 5 pounds I do believe I gained from all the great food and that wonderful cake. Thanks so much to everyone! Whew, am I ever glad it's over ♥   


  1. Oh yeah, we're following ....
    Happy Birthday, sweet!!! and my G+ for you...
    Besos, Marcela♥

  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Darlene! Your blog is such a nice place to browse through. Lovely photographs, too!


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