A very cool grasshopper!

This little guy waited for me to get my camera and take a couple of pics of him before he flew off. Not like the big bird I finally got a pic of or that blasted redheaded woodpecker I tried to photograph one more time last night. He hides from me on purpose I do believe but I'll get him one of these days! It seems grasshoppers have lots of patience unless you touch them or get too close then they get all crazy and start hopping in no particular direction, hence the name I reckon. You just never know where they are gonna land. It's like they go crazy! I've always loved grasshoppers even though they always scare me when they just hop out of no where and land on me or nearby. I guess that's what makes them so fun!

By the way, I've really been enjoying my beginner photography class so far. I haven't had a chance to take many pictures yet but I've enjoyed watching the lessons and feel I am learning alot. Can't wait to take more pictures using my new knowledge so it's no telling what I'll be posting a picture of next ♥

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