Music Monday - Tristan Prettyman

I had the great pleasure of meeting Tristan back in 2007 along with my bff, Jennifer. She opened for Chris Isaac whom I absolutely love.  Tristan and I even emailed a few times after the show through MySpace. She has a wonderful personality and is a great gal. I am so pleased she finally has a top hit!! She had a slight hit before with Madly but I heard that My Oh My is at 27 on the charts and on the move. Love the new song and so happy for her! Go buy the record!!!!!

She was so awesome up there on the stage all alone. I was really impressed! If you get a chance to go see her you should definitely go :o)

Love that suit!

When I met Chris I froze in one spot and my hubby grabbed my arm and pulled me up to him and all I could say was "I love you".  He said "I love you too honey".  I don't think I have before or since been known to swoon but that is the only possible word to explain it! lol

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