I blame it on Fight Club! My Pottery Barn obsession that is!

After closing on our house the end of May which you can read about here it was time to make our house our home. I had been doing online research about making the most of small spaces and so I had plenty of ideas floating around in my head. The main things I kept reading over and over were to keep only items that you truly love and find a place to display those items. Everything else you don't use, love or have to have, you should sell, throw away, give away or donate. Good advice! Also a place for everything seemed a must. One of the things that I planned to implement was to hide everything that was not pleasant to the eye with something that was pleasant on the eye. You know you need that space heater, hair dryer and extra toilet paper but they are not much for decoration. I've always been a fan of decorative boxes and baskets but more for their look rather than to actually use them for storing items. This was a huge mistake! Everything that can hold something should.  And something you truly love should not be stuck in a drawer somewhere waiting for the right spot, find that spot!
Going through stuff probably took the longest. I went through boxes, drawers, under beds and every other nook and cranny in the house. Even though it's only 6 rooms I had stuff stuck everywhere since we had already lived there 3 years. It's really too time consuming to try and go through all items while you are trying to get rid of stuff or organize when you are working on your whole house but even a room is easier if you organize your thoughts first. Just as an example, if I'm in the mood to clean and pitch items then I am certainly not in the mood to go through paperwork so instead of going through every piece of paper you happen to find just put all those papers in one spot and then some rainy afternoon or late evening while watching tv sit down and go through them. I actually just went through all my paperwork a couple weeks ago after getting an ottoman which doubles as a file cabinet. I used a couple large expandable brown folders to put all the paperwork I found along the way into and now only the paperwork I need is nestled in separate file folders inside my lovely ottoman :o) Get cardboard boxes, clean out a drawer or use one of those empty decorative boxes or baskets you have sitting around and each time you come across that lone piece of paper, photograph, hair clip or lonely cd put it with the others you've found along the way. Then as you move through your house throwing away junk it will open up space that you can eventually place the items you want to keep and they will all be in one spot. Believe it or not you will eventually get through everything and it's such a good feeling once it's done to know where all your belongings are  ♥  

My husband was out of town the first weekend after we closed. I spent Saturday moving furniture around, measuring and getting ready to figure out what to buy. Now the fun started! I knew one thing I needed was large baskets, although I had no idea what kind or where to get them. As it turned out I didn't get into bed until late night and guess what was on tv...Fight Club! This is a movie my hubby hates but I love so of course I had to watch. I think that is the general consensus of the movie, you either love or hate it. We usually watch tv together so I hadn't seen the movie in some time. One of the first scenes is when Edward Norton's character is talking about his miserable life and about how he had to have all these items from Ikea and Pottery Barn. It was like a bulb came on over my head! What I had been thinking? I was up looking at the Pottery Barn website the next morning. I found some perfect baskets and since we had the same bed set for 14 years I splurged on a new bedset and I couldn't be more pleased with it! I told my hubby to blame it on Fight Club. He said, "I hate that movie"! lol


(I put all my ebay shipping supplies in this basket) 

Come on it's Brad Pitt and Edward Norton being crazy! Who wouldn't love that?? Apparently at least one guy I know :o)

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