Happy Labor Day!

♥ Dress: ModCloth
♥ Sandals: So

I've got the house to myself today, it's raining with the windows open, I have Coffeehouse playing on Sirius radio and I am playing on the computer while Fadra sits on the bed watching squirrels gather nuts. What could be better for a bit of relaxation? Well, other than when Fadra decides she'd like to go through the screen after the squirrels :o)

I wore this outfit the other night for a date night with my hubby. In thinking back this is the same dress I wore for my first post on this blog which you can see here. Hard to believe that has been a year and a half ago. Time goes by so quickly. The picture is horrible but I love the dress and still do! I have just recently purchased my first slr camera. I got a Nikon J1 which is a basic in between camera. Just what I thought I needed. I've just began to learn the basics and it will take some time for it to sink in but I am enjoying the learning process. Since my new camera is so new and I still don't have much of a clue, I thought I would try out a few settings on my point and shoot. Since it's a Nikon too I discovered I can use the same memory card. Sweet! I've always been an "auto" type girl but I've found there are so many options I've been missing out on. So get out those point and shoots and read that manual along with checking out some basic tips online and you'll love what all you can do you never even knew you could. I'm going to learn to use both my cameras even if I do go insane in the process!

Since that first post I have learned so much about clothing, decorating and photography from my blogger friends that I am utterly amazed even at myself.  What a bunch of clever gals I've found :o) Not to mention a few fellows along the way :o) And don't forget even if you don't learn anything, sometimes just looking at pretty pictures can make the day not seem so bad after all. And oh don't forget all those delicious recipes!

The next picture was taken using the exposure setting on the high side which lets in more light (a bit too much light but look at the difference none the less).

I hope you are all enjoying your labor day :o) Me and Fadra are having a simply marvelous day!

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