Concert Series - Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer

♥ Dress:  ModCloth (Sorry ladies this one is no longer available)
♥ Sandals: Palomi Sandals ( I found myself wishing I had some red ones)
♥ Purse:  Coach

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending a concert with my son. We were second row at Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer. Edgar Winter has always been special to me. His show was the second one I saw as a teenager and I fell in love. Even named a dog after him that I got as a birthday present when I became 14. My son, being a saxaphonist himself, is also a big fan of Edgar's. Of course, we love Johnny and Rick too but Edgar was who I mainly wanted to see. Going to a concert was something we hadn't done in years so I was very excited to be able to spend the evening with him, just me and him :o) We had the best time talking about photography, music, movies and just fun stuff in general. He gets a big kick out of how excited I get when Edgar shows up! lol He works with our local school band is a very talented musician in his own right. Me, I can't even whistle but I can holler wooohooo pretty well!

The concert was on a Wednesday evening which meant I had to work that day. Of course, I was excited with other things on my mind and I did not want to work. Not hard anyway, so I must admit a bit of goofing off was on the horizon. Time to sign into Facebook and rub it in that I had second row seats to the best concert of the year (imo)!  After signing in, low and behold what do I see but that Kid Rock has a new song. If you've ever popped into my previous blog you know I am a big fan but that's a whole other story :o) He hasn't had out a new song for a couple of years so that was icing on the cake and made my day even more fantastic! It's a rockin' song about Detroit made for the Pepsi NFL anthems. You can hear it here. Had lots of fun reminiscing about Edgar Winter, Kid Rock and my dog Edgar. Made my workday a breeze! Now onto the show....   


When I got home I realized that I was so excited about getting home and hitting the road that I had not stopped by the bank to get any money so I picked up Fadra and took her to the bank with me which made it ok because she loves a ride. Then I hurried back home, changed clothes and realized I had forgotten my phone at work. I had put it on the charger and forgotten it. Boy I needed to calm down I reckon! It was ok, though, since we had to come by the office on the way to the venue anyway. When we arrived at the show we immediately ran into a few people we knew including my cousin, Paula, and my good friend, Clara. I told Zach I knew he must miss me dragging him all over with me and all my crazy girlfriends and he said yeah, but crazy is as crazy does! lol My dog, Edgar, used to hate a coat that Clara used to wear that was trimmed in fur at the bottom back when maxi coats were all the rage and I'd say the fur was real rabbit. He was so small he would grab hold of the bottom of her coat and she could walk with him still attached. He would grab it like he was going to rip it apart and she would spin him around. Funny stuff!


My pics I took from my cell were not the best as the old white guys were just so white but man did they put on a great show!!!!!  You can see a few professional venue photos taken of the show here.


This show was utterly amazing! We hit up Waffle House on the way home for breakfast and conversation about how utterly amazing the show was and then on home to where I collapsed into bed :o)  What a great time I had!!!!!!!

I was able to find a couple pictures of my pup, Edgar Levon Turner III. Who would ever dream such a sweet little thing could be a coat killer!

I featured the fellows on Music Monday awhile back. You can view a few more pictures and videos here.  I just love a great rock and roll show ♥

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