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♥ Dress:  Calvin Klein
♥ Sweater: Calvin Klein (similar on ebay)

I really am very fond of Calvin Klein clothing and have owned many pieces over the years. I find they are well made and if I can find something that fits on sale it's like I've hit the jackpot! Not sure that I am overly crazy about the horizontal stripes but love the feel of this dress. I snatched up the little cropped sweater at Burlington for $5.00 awhile back....jackpot! Working in a small law office it can be so easy to just throw on the same old thing since I really don't see that many people but I feel so much more professional when I dress the part.  I felt like the true professional today in my new dress! I found myself wearing a pair of black dress pants (old ones with no crease or anything) with Ugg boots and a ratty sweater a couple years ago. That's about the time people were trying to buy me clothes although I can buy my own clothes. In their own nice way I think they were telling me I needed to ungrudge myself! lol I guess it was definitely the time for a make-over and thankfully I found the blog world while shopping for new clothes :o)

In speaking of my job it is the time of year when people want to get down to business before year's end so most of the work is tedious which can make for a long day and with the days getting shorter it can sometimes seem like all I do is work and listen to people go on and on and on, talking and talking and more talking. Yikes, calgon take me away from this legal nightmare! It's one of those it's not you, it's me scenarios because most of the people I deal with are great folks.  It's just that I can't help but think of myself getting another year older in a couple weeks and how my butt is going to be freezing off soon. I am not one of those "oh I love fall" type gals. I don't want to listen about some poor guys water problem or some poor lady's neighbor problem when I have a cold and older butt in my future! But I do listen and with an understanding smile, at that. I am a sweetheart as they tell me. It seems the change of the seasons and the lunar cycle have alot to do with law work (and apparently my attitude). When the weather gets cold people want to get the things they've been putting off done. When the weather gets warm they want to divorce and sue everyone. Of course, each full moon brings in the DUI's and disorderly conduct charges. And it is actually true that people do try to get along during the holidays, which is the best time of the year for a paralegal. After telling a friend to mind their own business last week (although he did deserve it) I thought I better try to cheer myself up. I got dressed up and went out for awhile! Sometimes just burning off a bit of steam doing some talking of your own is all you need. And that's why I smile that understanding smile. My ears are all yours ;)    

Karina Dresses

Lady Gaga in Vogue

Lady Gaga was featured on the cover of this month's Vogue. It's almost the end of September and I just got around to checking out the pictures and reading the article. The pictures taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott were not that impressive to me but the article written by Jonathan VanMeter was highly entertaining. He met with her in Tokyo, Japan for the interview. Well worth the read. 

Concert Series - Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer

♥ Dress:  ModCloth (Sorry ladies this one is no longer available)
♥ Sandals:  endless.com-Naya Palomi Sandals ( I found myself wishing I had some red ones)
♥ Purse:  Coach

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending a concert with my son. We were second row at Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer. Edgar Winter has always been special to me. His show was the second one I saw as a teenager and I fell in love. Even named a dog after him that I got as a birthday present when I became 14. My son, being a saxaphonist himself, is also a big fan of Edgar's. Of course, we love Johnny and Rick too but Edgar was who I mainly wanted to see. Going to a concert was something we hadn't done in years so I was very excited to be able to spend the evening with him, just me and him :o) We had the best time talking about photography, music, movies and just fun stuff in general. He gets a big kick out of how excited I get when Edgar shows up! lol He works with our local school band is a very talented musician in his own right. Me, I can't even whistle but I can holler wooohooo pretty well!

The concert was on a Wednesday evening which meant I had to work that day. Of course, I was excited with other things on my mind and I did not want to work. Not hard anyway, so I must admit a bit of goofing off was on the horizon. Time to sign into Facebook and rub it in that I had second row seats to the best concert of the year (imo)!  After signing in, low and behold what do I see but that Kid Rock has a new song. If you've ever popped into my previous blog you know I am a big fan but that's a whole other story :o) He hasn't had out a new song for a couple of years so that was icing on the cake and made my day even more fantastic! It's a rockin' song about Detroit made for the Pepsi NFL anthems. You can hear it here. Had lots of fun reminiscing about Edgar Winter, Kid Rock and my dog Edgar. Made my workday a breeze! Now onto the show....   


When I got home I realized that I was so excited about getting home and hitting the road that I had not stopped by the bank to get any money so I picked up Fadra and took her to the bank with me which made it ok because she loves a ride. Then I hurried back home, changed clothes and realized I had forgotten my phone at work. I had put it on the charger and forgotten it. Boy I needed to calm down I reckon! It was ok, though, since we had to come by the office on the way to the venue anyway. When we arrived at the show we immediately ran into a few people we knew including my cousin, Paula, and my good friend, Clara. I told Zach I knew he must miss me dragging him all over with me and all my crazy girlfriends and he said yeah, but crazy is as crazy does! lol My dog, Edgar, used to hate a coat that Clara used to wear that was trimmed in fur at the bottom back when maxi coats were all the rage and I'd say the fur was real rabbit. He was so small he would grab hold of the bottom of her coat and she could walk with him still attached. He would grab it like he was going to rip it apart and she would spin him around. Funny stuff!


My pics I took from my cell were not the best as the old white guys were just so white but man did they put on a great show!!!!!  You can see a few professional venue photos taken of the show here.


This show was utterly amazing! We hit up Waffle House on the way home for breakfast and conversation about how utterly amazing the show was and then on home to where I collapsed into bed :o)  What a great time I had!!!!!!!

I was able to find a couple pictures of my pup, Edgar Levon Turner III. Who would ever dream such a sweet little thing could be a coat killer!

I featured the fellows on Music Monday awhile back. You can view a few more pictures and videos here.  I just love a great rock and roll show ♥

Music Monday - Tristan Prettyman

I had the great pleasure of meeting Tristan back in 2007 along with my bff, Jennifer. She opened for Chris Isaac whom I absolutely love.  Tristan and I even emailed a few times after the show through MySpace. She has a wonderful personality and is a great gal. I am so pleased she finally has a top hit!! She had a slight hit before with Madly but I heard that My Oh My is at 27 on the charts and on the move. Love the new song and so happy for her! Go buy the record!!!!!

She was so awesome up there on the stage all alone. I was really impressed! If you get a chance to go see her you should definitely go :o)

Love that suit!

When I met Chris I froze in one spot and my hubby grabbed my arm and pulled me up to him and all I could say was "I love you".  He said "I love you too honey".  I don't think I have before or since been known to swoon but that is the only possible word to explain it! lol

On a sweatshirt kind of day I wore something else :o)

♥ Shoes - Converse
♥ Shirt/Sweater/Belt - Burlington Coat Factory
♥ Shorts - Levis

On a cool day like today after it stormed all night, when it's still summer so the afternoon is warm, I would normally throw on a sweatshirt but today I said no to the temptation. I am so pleased that I did! The fashionistas are rubbing off on me....well a little anyway :o)

I found this great picture of my dad while trying to find another picture of something totally different. I thought he was the coolest and I guess he was ♥

Shop For Cute Dresses At LuLu*s

I blame it on Fight Club! My Pottery Barn obsession that is!

After closing on our house the end of May which you can read about here it was time to make our house our home. I had been doing online research about making the most of small spaces and so I had plenty of ideas floating around in my head. The main things I kept reading over and over were to keep only items that you truly love and find a place to display those items. Everything else you don't use, love or have to have, you should sell, throw away, give away or donate. Good advice! Also a place for everything seemed a must. One of the things that I planned to implement was to hide everything that was not pleasant to the eye with something that was pleasant on the eye. You know you need that space heater, hair dryer and extra toilet paper but they are not much for decoration. I've always been a fan of decorative boxes and baskets but more for their look rather than to actually use them for storing items. This was a huge mistake! Everything that can hold something should.  And something you truly love should not be stuck in a drawer somewhere waiting for the right spot, find that spot!
Going through stuff probably took the longest. I went through boxes, drawers, under beds and every other nook and cranny in the house. Even though it's only 6 rooms I had stuff stuck everywhere since we had already lived there 3 years. It's really too time consuming to try and go through all items while you are trying to get rid of stuff or organize when you are working on your whole house but even a room is easier if you organize your thoughts first. Just as an example, if I'm in the mood to clean and pitch items then I am certainly not in the mood to go through paperwork so instead of going through every piece of paper you happen to find just put all those papers in one spot and then some rainy afternoon or late evening while watching tv sit down and go through them. I actually just went through all my paperwork a couple weeks ago after getting an ottoman which doubles as a file cabinet. I used a couple large expandable brown folders to put all the paperwork I found along the way into and now only the paperwork I need is nestled in separate file folders inside my lovely ottoman :o) Get cardboard boxes, clean out a drawer or use one of those empty decorative boxes or baskets you have sitting around and each time you come across that lone piece of paper, photograph, hair clip or lonely cd put it with the others you've found along the way. Then as you move through your house throwing away junk it will open up space that you can eventually place the items you want to keep and they will all be in one spot. Believe it or not you will eventually get through everything and it's such a good feeling once it's done to know where all your belongings are  ♥  

My husband was out of town the first weekend after we closed. I spent Saturday moving furniture around, measuring and getting ready to figure out what to buy. Now the fun started! I knew one thing I needed was large baskets, although I had no idea what kind or where to get them. As it turned out I didn't get into bed until late night and guess what was on tv...Fight Club! This is a movie my hubby hates but I love so of course I had to watch. I think that is the general consensus of the movie, you either love or hate it. We usually watch tv together so I hadn't seen the movie in some time. One of the first scenes is when Edward Norton's character is talking about his miserable life and about how he had to have all these items from Ikea and Pottery Barn. It was like a bulb came on over my head! What I had been thinking? I was up looking at the Pottery Barn website the next morning. I found some perfect baskets and since we had the same bed set for 14 years I splurged on a new bedset and I couldn't be more pleased with it! I told my hubby to blame it on Fight Club. He said, "I hate that movie"! lol


(I put all my ebay shipping supplies in this basket) 

Come on it's Brad Pitt and Edward Norton being crazy! Who wouldn't love that?? Apparently at least one guy I know :o)

WOW, over 10,000 views!!

It was thrilling to pop in today and see that my small spot on the internet has been viewed over 10,000 times now. Yay! I know that's not alot for some folks but it was thrilling for me. I love the blogging world! I have been so inspired by others. I am currently trying my hand at learning photography. With a new camera in hand I took my first pictures tonight. With the weather cooling some I hope to be posting a bit more so I hope you will enjoy my photos as well as my stories. Thanks for stopping by!

I'll be shooting pictures like a pro before you know it!

The above picture was taken with my Nikon Coolpix camera (which is a small point and shoot model) and the bottom one with my new camera. Both were taken on auto mode and I can see a difference. I thought if I was going to learn photography I wanted a nicer camera to work with. I plan to learn to use my point and shoot fully also. This is going to be fun!

Happy Labor Day!

♥ Dress: ModCloth
♥ Sandals: So

I've got the house to myself today, it's raining with the windows open, I have Coffeehouse playing on Sirius radio and I am playing on the computer while Fadra sits on the bed watching squirrels gather nuts. What could be better for a bit of relaxation? Well, other than when Fadra decides she'd like to go through the screen after the squirrels :o)

I wore this outfit the other night for a date night with my hubby. In thinking back this is the same dress I wore for my first post on this blog which you can see here. Hard to believe that has been a year and a half ago. Time goes by so quickly. The picture is horrible but I love the dress and still do! I have just recently purchased my first slr camera. I got a Nikon J1 which is a basic in between camera. Just what I thought I needed. I've just began to learn the basics and it will take some time for it to sink in but I am enjoying the learning process. Since my new camera is so new and I still don't have much of a clue, I thought I would try out a few settings on my point and shoot. Since it's a Nikon too I discovered I can use the same memory card. Sweet! I've always been an "auto" type girl but I've found there are so many options I've been missing out on. So get out those point and shoots and read that manual along with checking out some basic tips online and you'll love what all you can do you never even knew you could. I'm going to learn to use both my cameras even if I do go insane in the process!

Since that first post I have learned so much about clothing, decorating and photography from my blogger friends that I am utterly amazed even at myself.  What a bunch of clever gals I've found :o) Not to mention a few fellows along the way :o) And don't forget even if you don't learn anything, sometimes just looking at pretty pictures can make the day not seem so bad after all. And oh don't forget all those delicious recipes!

The next picture was taken using the exposure setting on the high side which lets in more light (a bit too much light but look at the difference none the less).

I hope you are all enjoying your labor day :o) Me and Fadra are having a simply marvelous day!