Colorsplash App for iPhone

I've been playing around some with apps on my phone and came across one called Colorsplash. It's pretty cool and just 99 cents.  If you get it be sure and watch the short tutorial first for tips. You can add a pop of color in a black and white photo. Too cool! I definitely need some practice but after trying to do a flower pic I thought I'd try something simplier like a portrait where I only needed to go around my head.


I also downloaded Angry Birds which I must say was probably a mistake. It's driving me bonkers.  I hate those stupid pigs!!! I was up till after midnight just trying to conk one on the head :o)  I can certainly see why the birds are angry!

Another app I like is the Facebook/mobile/camera. If you don't like to read updates and only want to see everyone's photos this is perfect. A very easy way to post photos onto Facebook also. I am still a newbie when it comes to a smartphone but I am really loving it! My kids kept telling me I needed one. For once they were right! lol

I finally did pics of my Shabby Apple dress and sandals which I'll post soon. And I also got my walk-in closet room almost done :o) Now if I could just get through my old clothes and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Decisions decisions. I also think I am need of a trip to the mall! 


  1. cool app! i always love pictures that are mostly black and white with a splash of color it looks so cool!


  2. It is a very cool app! Be sure and watch the tutorial if you download it. Takes a little practice but I love it!


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