My Shabby Apple Dress!!

I had the great pleasure awhile back to win a $50 gift certificate to Shabby Apple from the lovely Maria's blog Avenue M. You can read about it here.  She has a great eye for pretty things and I really enjoy reading her stories and looking at her beautiful pictures.  You should pop over and visit her blog. Since I usually check out her new posts I saw she was giving away a gift certificate and since I had my eye on this dress I really wanted to win it so I entered as many times as I could and added links to all the pretty dresses I wanted from Shabby Apple. It just goes to show that if you put a little extra effort into the give-aways it can pay off :o) Thanks again to Maria and Shabby Apple! 

After winning the gift certificate I looked around the site to see if there was something I liked better but I came back to this dress. Always go with your first instinct I guess but they had so many pretty dresses I wanted to make sure. I then had to find some matching footwear! I did a web search and found these beauties on and they appeared to be the same color as the dress and I was thrilled when they arrived and were a perfect match. I love them! Although I did almost freak when they squeaked a bit when I first put them on but after a little wear they were fine. So comfortable! 

I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived in such a cool box. The brand name is Naya and they have tons of great styles. They also do alot of work for the environment which is very cool! Each sandal has it's own pocket in a little bag that is perfect to protect your sandals and even has a little drawstring. Perfect for beach or wherever you may want to take them off and romp but make sure they are protected. They also have a little green plastic foot insert! Too cute! You can read about Naya here and get the scoop on where to buy.

On a personal note, I have been redecorating my house and just having a laid back summer this year. Sometimes you just need to sit back, look around and see what you can do to make the place you spend the most time at more livable which is what I have done. Although I threw away some crap as I went I actually ended up with empty drawers and more stuff. Go figure! All that internet research on small space decorating and shopping online have really paid off! Guess even when you think you are just surfing some of that stuff really does sink in. Pics to come :o)

btw, there's a blue moon tonight so get out and do something you only do "once in a blue moon"! 

Music Monday - Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer

Edgar Winter is by far one of my favorite artists! He ROCKS! His show was the second one I saw live without my parents when I was about 14. I was hooked! Over the years I have saw him many times, the last being a few years ago when he toured in Ringo's Allstar band (how awesome was that? Totally!). He is currently touring in the classic rock n blues tour with his brother Johnny Winter who is an awesome blues guitarist. To round up the lineup is Rick Derringer who is a member of Edgar's band, you know the All American boy who sang Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo, Leslie West (Mississippi Queen) and Kim Simmonds from Savoy Brown. 3 days till I am second row! I am so excited. I'll be wearing a new ModCloth dress to boot. I'll be telling you all about it soon.  ♥

This video is how the fellows looked back in day. Ohhhlalala on the skin tight bodysuit Rick is wearing. After all it was the 70's :o) Now you see why I liked them for more than their music! Funny stuff! lol

The new Lady Gaga perfume is to die for!

I managed to get my hands on Lady Gaga's new perfume FAME a few days before the presale ships ;) I love it! Not too overbearing as I thought it might be. I'm quite pleased with it. The black perfume is pretty cool!

I am posting from my iPhone so sorry there are no links but just do a websearch. It's all abuzz!  I didn't want to wait to share!

UPDATE:  Here's a self-portrait from Lady Gaga with her perfume that she posted online.

Colorsplash App for iPhone

I've been playing around some with apps on my phone and came across one called Colorsplash. It's pretty cool and just 99 cents.  If you get it be sure and watch the short tutorial first for tips. You can add a pop of color in a black and white photo. Too cool! I definitely need some practice but after trying to do a flower pic I thought I'd try something simplier like a portrait where I only needed to go around my head.


I also downloaded Angry Birds which I must say was probably a mistake. It's driving me bonkers.  I hate those stupid pigs!!! I was up till after midnight just trying to conk one on the head :o)  I can certainly see why the birds are angry!

Another app I like is the Facebook/mobile/camera. If you don't like to read updates and only want to see everyone's photos this is perfect. A very easy way to post photos onto Facebook also. I am still a newbie when it comes to a smartphone but I am really loving it! My kids kept telling me I needed one. For once they were right! lol

I finally did pics of my Shabby Apple dress and sandals which I'll post soon. And I also got my walk-in closet room almost done :o) Now if I could just get through my old clothes and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Decisions decisions. I also think I am need of a trip to the mall!