Rain sweet rain....finally!

It's raining, it's pouring, I had to go stand in the mist a minute.

Posting for the first time on my cell. Let's see if this works :)

UPDATE: The above was posted through the Blogger app for iPhone and was my first attempt. As you can see it worked well. Surprisingly pleased that the pictures posted bigger than I had anticipated. I figured they would be tiny. I also got an app that gave me a bunch of tips for iPhone and wanted to try out the volume button as the shutter button to take a picture. That also worked well! I found it extremely easy and I look forward to using the option more in the future. Perfect for remote posts or if you just don't want to fire up your computer. As I've said many times...I love my iPhone!!!!!

oh, and thankfully it's still raining. My poor flowers might just make it after all :o)

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