New No Doubt song...Settle Down! I'm so excited I can't!

I know I really need to be trying on some clothes and doing some outfit posts but it's so hot! And yes, I will take a little cheese with my whine and come to think of it I would love to have some wine too :o)

Anyway, I love No Doubt and I am so excited about some new music from them! Gwen's last solo attempt didn't impress me much but I do adore her lipstick line Infallible which you can see the commercial for here. It is not a true long last as it will come off if you are touching anything with your lips but a nice work lipstick or if you are able to reapply after eating, etc. It's not all icky though and I love all the color choices. It's made by L'Oreal and is a must for your summer makeup bag.

Back to No Doubt....well, what can I say other than it's been way too long! Love it!!

How hot is too hot, really?
(btw, that is grass in the background)

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