Friday the 13th - Superstitions

I must admit that I am superstitious and I do think it's silly but I can't shake it sometimes. No real reason why that I can come up with but I do throw salt over my shoulder if I spill any, I knock on wood sometimes when talking, I do not walk under ladders or open an umbrella indoors. I hate to see a black cat cross my path and heaven forbid I would ever break a mirror! Seven years of bad luck! My poor soul couldn't take it! lol I don't go as far as staying indoors on Friday the 13th but my dad did break his leg one year so he got a little paranoid after that :o) I love scary movies and tv shows so that probably contributes as well but one can never be too careful. I tell myself being a little paranoid is a good thing. Be safe today ♥  

If you are on instagram you can follow one cool Japanese black cat @ryotukoro. He gets around more than I do! You can find me @darlindarlene


  1. I guess I am a little superstitious, too, as long as it doesn't control my life then I follow it. LOL. I try not to walk under ladders and break mirrors either. :)

  2. your blogs amazin' love! ive a new post up about visions boards, would love to know what you think.

    your new follower, Eimear x


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