Well, we finally closed on our house! Yippeee! We already own one house (our kids live in it) and we were buying the one in the country on land contract which had our balloon payment due and owing May 1. Our kids are going to have to wait awhile until they can buy the other place so I was a bit worried we might not be able to get financing and were going to have to move. We do not have tons of money by any means so I really didn't know what we were going to do. We didn't close until May 31 after applying 3 months ago. I was beginning to think I was going to have to give up my firstborn or at least a few pints of blood. Talk about down to the wire! I really have been so worried! I definitely let out a sigh of relief after the paperwork was signed :o) After 1 year of yearning, 3 years of living there and feeling as if the last 2 years I've been on pause it is such a relief and wonderful feeling that things have worked out and she is finally mine. I guess there really is always a way if you really want something so don't ever give up!

Now for the important stuff.....decorating! Time to not just live there but to make it a beautiful place to live. I've been buying up some stuff, moving furniture and cleaning. I have been doing lots of surfing the internet, dreaming and getting decorating ideas from all the blogs and I think things are going to come together nicely. I'm going to do one room at a time. My only big project right now will be turning my junk room into a walk-in closet. I've managed to get a couple pieces of furniture out of there but still trying to decide how I want to do it.  I'm very excited, though!  

Since I've been living in work clothes I haven't been taking any pictures of myself but I did manage to take some pretty pictures around my yard awhile back with Instagram I thought I'd share until I can get some pictures of my finds and projects.  You can follow me @darlindarlene

Fadra is thrilled too! Guess she is a country dog after all ♥  

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  1. Beautiful images! The flowers in your garden are so pretty :)
    xx Maria


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