First week of summer

Isn't summer glorious? It's my favorite time of year and the hotter the better! I took a couple days off work last week just to chill with some friends from out of town. We had a great visit! It was also my bff's birthday so we hit the local Blues Festival. What fun! We saw lots of ladies wearing some beautiful maxi dresses. Just don't think they are for me but the ladies wearing them looked amazing. I just think I'm too short. Then there's the possibility that since I hated them in the 70's I've just never given them another chance. A maxi dress may be in my future just to see if I'm giving up a cool (in both ways) summer dress choice. If I could ever get out of just grabbing my shorts I'd be much more elegant :o)

Ellie Lee and Bluesfury were so great and I loved her dress! It looked like a Hell Bunny Dress to me which I've been wanting. You can find them also on ebay here.   I was able to find a video someone shot at the show which if you love the blues like me you'll enjoy. Ellie can play that guitar and is truly awesome!

And the snapdragons are in bloom! Life is good ♥

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