OMG, I'm heartly sorry, I am now going to have to burn my eyes out....

Ok, so Saturday night I decide to get out of the house awhile and since my car can't play my iPod and I always listen to cd's I felt a new cd or 2 sounded like a good idea. Besides it was a beautiful evening and it would take me about a half hour to get to the store. Off to Best Buy I went. I wanted Madonna's new cd and one by Pitbull (yes, there's something I like about him! lol). However, I was denied my Pitbull :o( None to be found. I did get Madonna's new one, though. The song "Girl Gone Wild" is the first tune on the cd and I didn't get much farther. I just kept listening to that song whenever I was in car which really wasn't much but it's been stuck in my head since the weekend. I've been driving the truck this week and listening to my iPod so I haven't had a chance to review the whole cd yet so sorry about that but this couldn't wait. If I have to endure so do you :o) I had planned to dig up some ostrich ferns here at work for my wildflower garden at home but I still haven't done that either so I'll keep trucking for awhile. Anyway, I found myself wishing I had gotten the cd out of the car so I could hear that song! I decided when I got back from lunch I would pop over and see if there was a video yet. Yippee! There was one! I thought to myself....I'll bet this will be something to see and, boy, was I ever right!! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go burn my eyes out ♥

Watch at your own risk please :o)

NEXT DAY UPDATE: This morning right off the bat I'm laying my undies and flat shoes on the back of the toilet before my shower and accidently drop my shoes in the toilet so I know it's going to be one of those days :o) I'm all the time telling people to leave their seats down so they don't loose their chi and now I know why firsthand. Mine got drenched first thing! lol I drove the car since I decided the ferns were just going to have to wait. It is a holiday weekend after all and work will be laid back. Not going to be doing any digging today. Besides I still can't get Girl Gone Wild out of my head so I wanted to listen to it in the car. At lunchtime I had some errands to run so it was the perfect time to get my Madonna on and learn those words. So I'm traveling back to the office around the back way in the country, on the other end from where that crazy driver was awhile back (read about it here), and I'm probably on my third or fourth go round of getting my Madonna on when out of the blue there's a cop behing me pulling me over. Talk about OMG! He came out of nowhere and probably thought I was nuts if he saw me singing. Well, you can imagine I'm sure. He said I was doing 43 in a 25. I must have been barreling the jack! In my defense I did think the speed limit was 35 down through there. It keeps going up and down as you travel the road so who can keep track. Apparently me and that guy in my other post cannot. I think it's a way to snatch speeders because there isn't anything except for a few houses down through there. Anyways, I think I better avoid that stretch of road for awhile. Good news is, I know all the words to Girl Gone Wild, I refrained from burning my eyes out and my shoes are now dry. ♥      

Video: Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Official)

You can see Madonna's video "Rain" here on my former blog. Enjoy ♥

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