Heading to Gator Country

I'm getting ready to head to Gainvesville for my son's graduation in the middle of Gator County. Just me and my mom. I'm very excited! I've never been to that part of Florida before so I'm looking forward to seeing the University of Florida. I hope to get some great pictures. I bought some great new clothes and shoes at Burlington Coat Factory the other day. My son is going to get his RN nursing pin so it's kind of a big deal and then the next day is the actual graduation ♥ Of course, I must buy a few new outfits and dress up a bit! My first shopping experience there and I was thrilled with all my bargains :o) I highly recommend checking one out if you have one hearby. Can you say Calvin Klein cropped sweater for $9.99? I guess those commercials about the store really are true. Sweet!

I certainly hope I don't run into this big boy!

This one would be ok, though!
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Feeling a bit nostalgic and went for an oldie today. I think you'll enjoy this video so be sure and watch. You'll get a good laugh, that's for sure!

Have a wonderful week!  I'll have my groovy self back home before you know it :o)


  1. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
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  2. I like your blog very much!keep posting! would you like to follow each other?


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