Gainesville Visit for Graduation


Up at 4:00 a.m. to make a 7:10 flight. Fadra knew I was leaving so neither of us were very happy. I am so not a morning person!


By the time we spent a couple of hours on layover at Atlanta I had woken up and was ready for the graduation festivities. Gainesville airport is extremely small and so we didn't have any problems. We had a reservation for a rented car and since everyone was renting cars that weekend they ended up having to upgrade us to a larger car which ended up being a manly looking Dodge. My mom told me I needed to drive it around the parking lot a couple times before I took it out on the road. I had to laugh because there was no one around and everything looked pretty much deserted. You could have driven a tank around through there and besides I've been driving since I was about 12 so the car wasn't a problem for me to drive. After having just watched Rainman I told her I was an excellent driver, slow on the driveway! lol Although when we pulled in the hotel I ran over the curb. She, of course, had to come back with, and I thought you were an excellent driver!  It became a running joke throughout the trip, since I didn't know where I was going half the time a few u-turns were in order. 

After a couple hours at the rooftop pool we were ready for the pinning ceremony. As you can see we were so happy for him and so very proud! He will be a wonderful addition to the medical community as he has the biggest heart. He went to school on the GI bill after serving 4 years in the Navy seeing the world. He has alot to be proud of himself ♥ 

♥ Dress:  Connected Apparel (from my visit to Burlington Coat Factory)
♥ Peeptoe Shoes:  Etienne Aigner (My second toe is longer than my big toe so I'm not sure peep toes are for me! lol)
♥ Purse: Vintage Coach (from eBay) Connected-Apparel - some adorable dresses at great prices!

At dinner the guy cooking kept picking on me. He was hilarious and the food was delicious!

On to graduation day!  As we got ready to go for the day there was a band playing on the rooftop pool (which we could see from our room) that serenaded us throughout the afternoon. A country rock band so it was right up my alley. Did a little singing of my own on "Can't You See", the old Marshall Tucker song :o) Mom freaked out when the wi-fi went out. She couldn't check her ebay which was OMG, how awful! Although if you ask her she doesn't even get on the computer that often! lol A fun day for sure.

HE DID IT!!!!!!

I framed and matted this photo as a Mother's Day gift for my mom.
A proud granny if I ever saw one! She loved it!

This dress is also Connected Apparel. The sandals are So from Kohl's.
When he passes his state board he is moving home! He's been away from home way too long. Yay!! 

After it was said and done a steak, mushrooms and a good cold Bud Light was in order for sure!  Then on to the mall. I didn't think I could buy anything since my suitcase was packed but I did pick up a dress I couldn't resist. I mean, after all, there's always room for one more dress, don't you think? We didn't do any siteseeing since like stairsteps we all had a cold but we had such a nice visit and lots of good meals, laughs and even some relaxation! There was lots of action in town and watching all the people was fun too. Another crack of dawn flight and we were home before you knew it. Next time I fly I think I need to make the reservations ♥


  1. Great blog! thank you for having me in your bloglist!

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  2. It looks like a joyful family trip, Darlene, and congratulations! Those early, early flights are tough for me too : > Thanks for the nostalgic music at the end!

  3. I love your hair and your beautiful smile. You light up a room!

  4. You and your mother must be very proud of your son! It looks like you had an amazing weekend and you have such a winning smile.

  5. Beautiful photos and post!!!
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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