Fadra and her T-Bone

Can you say lip smacking good?


It's alway so nice to have a few days off and this long weekend was no exception! As it turned out I didn't end up doing any of the bbq's I had invites to (hence no new outfit photos) but rather did some work around my house. I know that's no fun but I ended up having the house to myself on Saturday and Sunday so I thought I better take advantage of the solidarity. I wanted to get my junk room ready for the change over into a walk-in closet (I'm so excited) but mainly just spending some time with my puppy dog without anyone talking to me sounded pretty good. I did alot of goofing around listening to music, pulling weeds, taking pics of and watering my flowers, updating my computer and surfing a bit too. I'm loving pinterest and instagram (@darlindarlene). I also finally tried out siri on my new iPhone. I asked what time it was and she promptly told me it was 1:45 and brought up my clock on my phone. I thought I probably had to set up voice recognition or some such but didn't have to do a thing but turn on the option and ask a question. How cool is that? I can see Siri and I becoming big friends. I absolutely LOVE my phone!

Yesterday my hubby and I decided to get out and go out to eat and maybe catch a movie. We ended up at Lone Star Steakhouse which was delicious as usual. After a great meal and a few beers we decided rather than going to the movies we'd just go buy a movie and head home. He was worn out from his trip and I had to go back to work today so it sounded good to me (and after all I still didn't have my Pitbull cd so I had an ulterior motive).  We ended up getting The Woman in Black which was rather creepy, spooky and scary. As the movie suggests, don't watch it alone. I have added this destination to my list of places that I wish never to visit!

We brought the bone from hubby's t-bone home to Fadra and she didn't know quite what to think of it to begin with because I never give her bones.  Within seconds, though, she found it to be the most heavenly thing that had ever found its way into her mouth! She sprawled out and went to town. We let her gnaw on it awhile and then put it in the fridge for maybe one more round. As you can see by the smile on her face in the last shot she was a very happy lady ♥ 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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