Fadra and her T-Bone

Can you say lip smacking good?


It's alway so nice to have a few days off and this long weekend was no exception! As it turned out I didn't end up doing any of the bbq's I had invites to (hence no new outfit photos) but rather did some work around my house. I know that's no fun but I ended up having the house to myself on Saturday and Sunday so I thought I better take advantage of the solidarity. I wanted to get my junk room ready for the change over into a walk-in closet (I'm so excited) but mainly just spending some time with my puppy dog without anyone talking to me sounded pretty good. I did alot of goofing around listening to music, pulling weeds, taking pics of and watering my flowers, updating my computer and surfing a bit too. I'm loving pinterest and instagram (@darlindarlene). I also finally tried out siri on my new iPhone. I asked what time it was and she promptly told me it was 1:45 and brought up my clock on my phone. I thought I probably had to set up voice recognition or some such but didn't have to do a thing but turn on the option and ask a question. How cool is that? I can see Siri and I becoming big friends. I absolutely LOVE my phone!

Yesterday my hubby and I decided to get out and go out to eat and maybe catch a movie. We ended up at Lone Star Steakhouse which was delicious as usual. After a great meal and a few beers we decided rather than going to the movies we'd just go buy a movie and head home. He was worn out from his trip and I had to go back to work today so it sounded good to me (and after all I still didn't have my Pitbull cd so I had an ulterior motive).  We ended up getting The Woman in Black which was rather creepy, spooky and scary. As the movie suggests, don't watch it alone. I have added this destination to my list of places that I wish never to visit!

We brought the bone from hubby's t-bone home to Fadra and she didn't know quite what to think of it to begin with because I never give her bones.  Within seconds, though, she found it to be the most heavenly thing that had ever found its way into her mouth! She sprawled out and went to town. We let her gnaw on it awhile and then put it in the fridge for maybe one more round. As you can see by the smile on her face in the last shot she was a very happy lady ♥ 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Now this is just too weird!

So I go into the post from my former blog which features a Madonna video, after publishing my Madonna post a few minutes ago, to close out the tab and I could not believe my eyes (I hadn't gotten around to burning them out yet), low and behold I had posted a Madonna video one year ago to the day. I had to look at the calendar twice! I rarely even pop over there but thought I would link to that beautiful video from back in the day. Today has been a rather strange and unusual day for some odd reason anyway but that is just too weird. I don't know what to make of it. I guess I like to listen to Madonna in the spring. Then again maybe Madonna is telling me to stop worrying about the rain and join the wild girl's club? I have been wanting me some of those heels! ♥

OMG, I'm heartly sorry, I am now going to have to burn my eyes out....

Ok, so Saturday night I decide to get out of the house awhile and since my car can't play my iPod and I always listen to cd's I felt a new cd or 2 sounded like a good idea. Besides it was a beautiful evening and it would take me about a half hour to get to the store. Off to Best Buy I went. I wanted Madonna's new cd and one by Pitbull (yes, there's something I like about him! lol). However, I was denied my Pitbull :o( None to be found. I did get Madonna's new one, though. The song "Girl Gone Wild" is the first tune on the cd and I didn't get much farther. I just kept listening to that song whenever I was in car which really wasn't much but it's been stuck in my head since the weekend. I've been driving the truck this week and listening to my iPod so I haven't had a chance to review the whole cd yet so sorry about that but this couldn't wait. If I have to endure so do you :o) I had planned to dig up some ostrich ferns here at work for my wildflower garden at home but I still haven't done that either so I'll keep trucking for awhile. Anyway, I found myself wishing I had gotten the cd out of the car so I could hear that song! I decided when I got back from lunch I would pop over and see if there was a video yet. Yippee! There was one! I thought to myself....I'll bet this will be something to see and, boy, was I ever right!! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go burn my eyes out ♥

Watch at your own risk please :o)

NEXT DAY UPDATE: This morning right off the bat I'm laying my undies and flat shoes on the back of the toilet before my shower and accidently drop my shoes in the toilet so I know it's going to be one of those days :o) I'm all the time telling people to leave their seats down so they don't loose their chi and now I know why firsthand. Mine got drenched first thing! lol I drove the car since I decided the ferns were just going to have to wait. It is a holiday weekend after all and work will be laid back. Not going to be doing any digging today. Besides I still can't get Girl Gone Wild out of my head so I wanted to listen to it in the car. At lunchtime I had some errands to run so it was the perfect time to get my Madonna on and learn those words. So I'm traveling back to the office around the back way in the country, on the other end from where that crazy driver was awhile back (read about it here), and I'm probably on my third or fourth go round of getting my Madonna on when out of the blue there's a cop behing me pulling me over. Talk about OMG! He came out of nowhere and probably thought I was nuts if he saw me singing. Well, you can imagine I'm sure. He said I was doing 43 in a 25. I must have been barreling the jack! In my defense I did think the speed limit was 35 down through there. It keeps going up and down as you travel the road so who can keep track. Apparently me and that guy in my other post cannot. I think it's a way to snatch speeders because there isn't anything except for a few houses down through there. Anyways, I think I better avoid that stretch of road for awhile. Good news is, I know all the words to Girl Gone Wild, I refrained from burning my eyes out and my shoes are now dry. ♥      

Video: Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Official)

You can see Madonna's video "Rain" here on my former blog. Enjoy ♥

Runaway Train

If this were a novel,
it would begin with a character,
a man alone on a southbound train
or a young girl on a swing by a farmhouse.
And as the pages turned, you would be told
that it was morning or the dead of night,
and I, the narrator, would describe
for you the miscellaneous clouds over the farmhouse
and what the man was wearing on the train
right down to his red tartan scarf,
and the hat he tossed onto the rack above his head,
as well as the cows sliding past his window.
Eventually—one can only read so fast—
you would learn either that the train was bearing
the man back to the place of his birth
or that he was headed into the vast unknown,
and you might just tolerate all of this
as you waited patiently for shots to ring out
in a ravine where the man was hiding
or for a tall, red-haired woman to appear in a doorway.
But this is a poem, not a novel,
and the only characters here are you and I,
alone in an imaginary room
which will disappear after a few more lines,
leaving us no time to point guns at one another
or toss all our clothes into a roaring fireplace.
I ask you: who needs the man on the train
and who cares what his black valise contains?
We have something better than all this turbulence
lurching toward some ruinous conclusion.
I mean the sound that we will hear
as soon as I stop writing and put down this pen.
I once heard someone compare it
to the sound of crickets in a field of wheat
or, more faintly, just the wind
over that field stirring things that we will never see.
                                                                                ~Author Unknown

Music Monday - Kasey Chambers

I want to hop on the train.....wanna join me?

I think it would be much better than calgon for taking us away although over the rainbow doesn't sound too bad either...well except for the pigpen, the witch, the flying monkeys and those falling houses. On second thought, nevermind, I'll just dream of the runaway train. When are we leaving??  ♥

Gainesville Visit for Graduation


Up at 4:00 a.m. to make a 7:10 flight. Fadra knew I was leaving so neither of us were very happy. I am so not a morning person!


By the time we spent a couple of hours on layover at Atlanta I had woken up and was ready for the graduation festivities. Gainesville airport is extremely small and so we didn't have any problems. We had a reservation for a rented car and since everyone was renting cars that weekend they ended up having to upgrade us to a larger car which ended up being a manly looking Dodge. My mom told me I needed to drive it around the parking lot a couple times before I took it out on the road. I had to laugh because there was no one around and everything looked pretty much deserted. You could have driven a tank around through there and besides I've been driving since I was about 12 so the car wasn't a problem for me to drive. After having just watched Rainman I told her I was an excellent driver, slow on the driveway! lol Although when we pulled in the hotel I ran over the curb. She, of course, had to come back with, and I thought you were an excellent driver!  It became a running joke throughout the trip, since I didn't know where I was going half the time a few u-turns were in order. 

After a couple hours at the rooftop pool we were ready for the pinning ceremony. As you can see we were so happy for him and so very proud! He will be a wonderful addition to the medical community as he has the biggest heart. He went to school on the GI bill after serving 4 years in the Navy seeing the world. He has alot to be proud of himself ♥ 

♥ Dress:  Connected Apparel (from my visit to Burlington Coat Factory)
♥ Peeptoe Shoes:  Etienne Aigner (My second toe is longer than my big toe so I'm not sure peep toes are for me! lol)
♥ Purse: Vintage Coach (from eBay)
Overstock.com- Connected-Apparel - some adorable dresses at great prices!

At dinner the guy cooking kept picking on me. He was hilarious and the food was delicious!

On to graduation day!  As we got ready to go for the day there was a band playing on the rooftop pool (which we could see from our room) that serenaded us throughout the afternoon. A country rock band so it was right up my alley. Did a little singing of my own on "Can't You See", the old Marshall Tucker song :o) Mom freaked out when the wi-fi went out. She couldn't check her ebay which was OMG, how awful! Although if you ask her she doesn't even get on the computer that often! lol A fun day for sure.

HE DID IT!!!!!!

I framed and matted this photo as a Mother's Day gift for my mom.
A proud granny if I ever saw one! She loved it!

This dress is also Connected Apparel. The sandals are So from Kohl's.
When he passes his state board he is moving home! He's been away from home way too long. Yay!! 

After it was said and done a steak, mushrooms and a good cold Bud Light was in order for sure!  Then on to the mall. I didn't think I could buy anything since my suitcase was packed but I did pick up a dress I couldn't resist. I mean, after all, there's always room for one more dress, don't you think? We didn't do any siteseeing since like stairsteps we all had a cold but we had such a nice visit and lots of good meals, laughs and even some relaxation! There was lots of action in town and watching all the people was fun too. Another crack of dawn flight and we were home before you knew it. Next time I fly I think I need to make the reservations ♥

Movies: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I love this movie!!

My favorite scene is when the apprentice wants to take the easy way out just like in Fantasia, he ends up in trouble too! As lovingly called "the mop scene".

Of course, the Sorcerer is awesome!

Even the bad guys are cool!

This is a romantic scene which is beautiful!

And, of course the Sorcerer's Apprentice saves the world, and love survives too!
It has it all!

Did watching a stupid movie ever make you stop and think about something in your own life? That's what happened to me while watching this movie awhile back. There is a scene in which the roommate tells the apprentice that he needs to start participating in life more and I thought, you know that's exactly what I need to do. Participate more! I kind of feel like things have been on hold with me for awhile but it looks like, hopefully, things are going to work out so I've been trying to participate more and worry less. It seems to be having a positive affect so far :o) I highly recommend it. Also, if you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it too. There is some beautiful cinematography. It's now one of my top ten favs!

Carly Rae Jepsen - Music Video

Google images

I heard Carly's song Call Me Maybe on the radio yesterday for the first time. I stopped what I was doing and listened. That's usually how I come to love the music I listen to. It stops me in my tracks and I want to hear it again and usually again :o) It came on once again this morning and I just had to pop over to youtube to check out the video and it's so cute I wanted to share. You know ladies, we've all been there, and once you watch it you'll know what I mean! It certainly made me laugh :o)

I also found a couple links if you have any interest in learning about her.

Enjoy ♥

Looks from the 1950's

The photos were taken by photographer Mark Shaw sometime in the 1950's. He became famous for a photo shoot he did of the Kennedy family and you'll recognize his celebrity shoots if you want to see all his work here.

I love those crazy hats! I mean really who needs hair if you have one of these ♥