Winter to Spring

Even though spring is such a glorious time of year I am cold natured so it takes me a bit longer to pull out the short sleeves and sandals. Due to space in my home I put away summer stuff and so it's also a job to change seasons so the mood has to strike, which it hasn't! lol With the breezes blowing a chill in the air my warmer weather wardrobe will have to stay where it is, under the bed!

♥ Shirt - vintage (I think it was purchased at Kohl's)
♥ Belt - Calvin Klein (came with a dress)

As a thank you gift to my aunt for everything she did for me on my trip to Florida in January (which you can read about here, here and here) I ordered her this backpack from Modcloth. She is heading to Holland, Ireland, England and all the lands over in that general area on a trip this month sometime. While in Florida she shopped for a new purse to take with her and never found one so I was originally looking for her a purse. Then when I came across this backpack I thought that would be even better. She can find a purse she likes and put it in this backpack for travel. But since I was unsure about the color cantaloupe I wanted to see it before I sent it to her. She was complaining that everyone carried black so I wanted something colorful but not a bright orange so I thought I had better check it out first. I mean after all it was in for a long trip and it had to be sturdy too. I planned to mail it to her if it met with my approval.  Well, it met with my approval so much that I ended up keeping it myself :o) I needed a new bag to hold my crochet work and it is perfect! Of course I ordered her another and had Modcloth mail it to her directly. She loves it too! I can't wait to hear how it holds up on her journey ♥   

I think Fadra thought I was running away from home or something with the backpack out of the house. I told her if I did up and runn-oft I would certainly take her with me which eased her mind totally I'm sure ♥


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