I have small space decorating on my mind

I've been doing a bit of online browsing about turning an extra room into a walk-in closet and I have pleasantly came upon some beautiful ideas about small spaces. I went from a medium large house to a small house and I still have not gotten used to it. But I know I am definitely not utilizing what little space I have. It's my quest this summer to do one room at a time. If I'm lucky I'll at least get the one room changed into a walk-in closet, hopefully. Check out the ideas I found. I need some color in my house and I thought these photos were beautiful ♥

I can't wait to get started! Now if I could just win the lottery :o)

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  1. Lovely inspiration! I want a window seat with curtains, cushions and fairy lights in my room so bad.
    Good luck, I do hope you win the lottery :D
    xx Maria

  2. omg, beyond inspiring. Fabulous post, love. Thanks so much for sharing. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my shoot in front of the Father of the Bride house. xo



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