Easter weekend

I had a lovely long holiday weekend! Cooked, cleaned, went for a long walk up and down the creek, did a bit of shopping, activated my new iphone and hid Easter eggs but mostly ate jelly beans. I cannot stay out of them. Doesn't matter what color. I grab a handful every time I walk by. Yum!

I got out of my jeans and put on a pretty dress too!

♥ Dress:  Tulle
♥ Hosiery: Gray Mist from Leggs
♥ My Mauve Shoes

In an attempt to add a bit of color to my wardrobe I bought this dress used from ebay and although it is a beautiful dress I just don't think it is me. It's a bit too youthful or frilly or something for me. Maybe it's just out of my comfort zone.  I couldn't quite figure it out. It is from the Tulle clothing line which I adore. I purchased a Tulle brand dress from Modcloth for my birthday this past year and I love it! You can see it here. Guess it's more my style, if I had one! lol I also have a summer dress which I can't wait to wear once more. Love the brand just not this dress on me so much. Rather than let it hang in my closet I plan to send it forward to a friend of mine named Maria. A lovely young lady from Australia and since that's half around the world from me it will have traveled more than I have! lol. You can check out her beautiful blog at Avenue M. I do believe she will look gorgeous in it and will appreciate it's loveliness so much more so than I do :o)  I can't wait to see what she does with it! I'm thinking it needs a hat ♥

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

UPDATE:  I am pleased to say that my dress arrived in Australia unscathed! I am really jealous. I'm sure I will never see  Australia myself! lol Maria really loved it and was so thankful and sweet. I love the color on her! She didn't take my hat advice but I love the headband so much more :o) You can check out her post french-food-diy-stationery-and-fabulous which features the below photograph. All her posts are so beautiful and informative too ♥


  1. I like this purple dress, Darlene, but I can see why you like your birthday dress more - it is more "you", somehow! You still look lovely, and your mauve shoes are always fab.

  2. I love purple -- the color is so flattering to so many people. I also loooooove all Easter candy!


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