The Circus

While I was dreaming through looking at photography the other day I came across these beautiful photos which reminded me of the circus. They were taken by photographer Solve Sundsbo. He is amazing! I used to take my kids to see the circus about every other year when they were little and they've been advertising the show on the radio all week and even though I am not going I would love to. I think we all think the circus is for kids but I always found it to be totally awesome. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus always comes through our town about this time each year. It always amazed me how so much was going on at the same time and all the talent abounding everywhere.
Me and a couple of friends of mine took a bunch of kids many years ago and had the luck of sitting in the 3rd row. I was as thrilled as the kids! After some Bulgarian or Bolivian (I have no idea) acrobats left the ring one of them came over to the edge and was saying something to me. I couldn't understand a word and this little boy in front of me turned around and said the guy was saying he wanted to meet me upstairs. The little boy and all the kids around were very impressed! lol So up the stairs I went to see what this strange man wanted to talk to me about. We met in the concession area and he wanted my phone number. He said he wanted me to come back down for a tour of  the grounds. I found that out after about five minutes of trying to understand him. He did call me but I never went. I have wondered if I would have just ran off and joined the circus, as all of us dream of doing, if I had went :o) I just couldn't see me as a circus person but it sure would have been fun I'm sure. I should have at least went down for a ride on an elephant! ♥

In looking at the website for Barnum and Bailey I found the legends and lores page to be very interesting with lots of drama. The one that caught my eye was about Lillian Leitzel.  Lillian Leitzel was a famous aerialist of the 20's and 30's. She was best known for her series of swinging one-armed planges. During a performance on Friday the 13th, the swivel of her hand loop broke and she plummeted to the ground; she died two days later. Her husband was Alfredo Codona, one of the first men to successfully perform a triple somersault on the flying trapeze. He never fully recovered from her death. He remarried with tragic consequences -- six years after Leitzel's death, he murdered his second wife and then committed suicide. Leitzel and Codona are buried next to each other beneath a statue. A tragic romance if there ever was one.

If you get a chance to go to the circus definitely go! 3 rings of non-stop fun!


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