Boys are mean, they made me an April Fool!

At Christmastime my hubby took me to Best Buy and bought me an HP laptop as my gift. Of course, I was thrilled. At that same time we changed from internet satellite to wireless through Verizon and although thrilled with my new found goodies I was not really looking forward to setting up and learning these new gadgets. My hubby gets online to browse a bit when there is some project or purchase upcoming but he is no help in the technology department. I took the easy route (as I always do when something is over my head) and let the Geek Squad do all the initial work. The rest was up to me. The past couple months I have been working to make the laptop my own, saving all my favorite pages, getting the new Photoshop software, joining pinterest, etc. You get the picture....lots of work! I spend all day working on a computer so I don't really have much time at home so I at least felt like it was alot of work :o) We also have an old desk computer and a netbook but the laptop is the first computer I have ever had that is all mine which means alot to me.

So anyway the last week we have been having real problems with the internet dropping and turning off without notice and little annoyances of that nature that were happening alot and then, of all things, my laptop would not even connect to the internet, then the netbook and desktop would only connect at times. I knew I had to make the dreaded call to Verizon (you know how long you are on the phone with these types things).  I set out on Saturday to fix my problem. The website said new software needed to be downloaded to my wireless device but apparently you need to have the internet to download the software and the internet software I was trying to upload was for my wireless internet which I could not use during the download. Off to the office I went. Just where I wanted to go on my day off! After downloading the software it wouldn't work at all so I picked up the cell phone to get some help. I spoke with Lynette (who was wonderful by the way) and we tried lots of different things and finally got it working. The netbook ran at 4G (which I can't get at home) and I was surfing like the wind. YAY, my problem was fixed!

My baloon popped when I got home and tried it there. It connected to the netbook but when I tried it on the laptop it would still not connect. I then tried it on the desktop and still no luck. However after burning up Lynette's ear for awhile with numerous questions earlier I knew exactly what to do which fixed the problem on the desktop and the netbook was still running well.  It then hit me and I realized it was, for some reason, the fault of my laptop. Now it was time to call the Geek Squad in. I went through some things with Courtney (who is on my shit list) on the 800 line and she came to the conclusion that there was indeed a problem with the laptop and it needed to be taken to the Best Buy where I purchased it and they could probably fix it for me.

On Sunday, which was unbeknowst to me at the time was April Fool's day, my hubby took my laptop to Best Buy to see what needed to be done. After he got there he called wanting my password and sounded a bit anxious which lead me to believe there was some problem. After the week I had been having and the day it took to mess with the computers the previous day I was in no mood for bad news. I was rather drained to say the least. After a couple of hours he was back at the house. He came in and told me my computer was fried and the 90 day warranty had expired on the 15th. He was stomping around like he was mad and I, needless to say, burst into tears. Next thing I know he's saying April Fools, April Fools! Hugging me and saying that he was kidding and he was sorry for making me cry. The computer was fine and it had been the idea of the Geek Squad to April Fool's Day me! Of course, he chuckled about it all day :o) I gave him a couple of arm punches for sure! 

Come to find out it was as simple as I had turned off the wi-fi button on the computer and where my router was trying to connect to a connection that wasn't there it was messing it up and needed a hard reset. I didn't even know there was such a button and apparently Courtney should have asked that question first. I do know now, though, and have taken it as a learing experience and may even find it funny in the future but for now the boys better watch out because payback is a bitch! lol  I guess boys will be boys ♥


  1. Happy April Fools! Hehehe, what a mean trick! If I was told my precious laptop was fried I don't think life could go on hahaha :)
    The dress sounds LOVELY! Maybe you could take a picture for me? Ruche is one of my FAVOURITE stores so I'm really excited and flattered that you thought of me.
    My email is


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