The Circus

While I was dreaming through looking at photography the other day I came across these beautiful photos which reminded me of the circus. They were taken by photographer Solve Sundsbo. He is amazing! I used to take my kids to see the circus about every other year when they were little and they've been advertising the show on the radio all week and even though I am not going I would love to. I think we all think the circus is for kids but I always found it to be totally awesome. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus always comes through our town about this time each year. It always amazed me how so much was going on at the same time and all the talent abounding everywhere.
Me and a couple of friends of mine took a bunch of kids many years ago and had the luck of sitting in the 3rd row. I was as thrilled as the kids! After some Bulgarian or Bolivian (I have no idea) acrobats left the ring one of them came over to the edge and was saying something to me. I couldn't understand a word and this little boy in front of me turned around and said the guy was saying he wanted to meet me upstairs. The little boy and all the kids around were very impressed! lol So up the stairs I went to see what this strange man wanted to talk to me about. We met in the concession area and he wanted my phone number. He said he wanted me to come back down for a tour of  the grounds. I found that out after about five minutes of trying to understand him. He did call me but I never went. I have wondered if I would have just ran off and joined the circus, as all of us dream of doing, if I had went :o) I just couldn't see me as a circus person but it sure would have been fun I'm sure. I should have at least went down for a ride on an elephant! ♥

In looking at the website for Barnum and Bailey I found the legends and lores page to be very interesting with lots of drama. The one that caught my eye was about Lillian Leitzel.  Lillian Leitzel was a famous aerialist of the 20's and 30's. She was best known for her series of swinging one-armed planges. During a performance on Friday the 13th, the swivel of her hand loop broke and she plummeted to the ground; she died two days later. Her husband was Alfredo Codona, one of the first men to successfully perform a triple somersault on the flying trapeze. He never fully recovered from her death. He remarried with tragic consequences -- six years after Leitzel's death, he murdered his second wife and then committed suicide. Leitzel and Codona are buried next to each other beneath a statue. A tragic romance if there ever was one.

If you get a chance to go to the circus definitely go! 3 rings of non-stop fun!

Music Monday - Train

These were the type cars I learned to drive in so this video brought back some nice memories of shifting gears and grinding clutches! Love it! Enjoy ♥

Ever feel like fussing over a dandelion?

My hubby and I have been squabbling a bit but we tend to to do that sometimes. I normally don't share the drama of my life but I'd say lately if we were in a sitcom it would be very popular. We do love each other but we can certainly get on each other nerves too as all couples at sometimes do. When stress levels hit a high it seems I develop a low tolerance to bullshit which I say he's full of. He says I get mean but I must disagree, me way! I've just got too much emotional stuff going on right now and to top off my week I came in to work today and a coke I had forgotten in the freezer had exploded.  All my hubby seems to be worried about is getting the grass mowed on a sunny day before all the dandelions are bloomed out and flying all over the yard. I realize that is important too and that I am probably just wanting to fight because I'm stressed but the way I am looking at dandelions right now is that they just come right back so why bother. I've probably been picking on him but oh well such is life.

When we get to the point of "enough said" we just ignore each other for a few days until all is well and forgotten but in the meantime neither of us wants to go to the store to buy stuff. Currently we are out of paper towels, bar soap and laundry detergent  We don't eat together and so we each try to bring in a better dinner than the other one has.  And stuff like making sure whoever has control of the tv at the time is watching something the other doesn't like. Our double bed is rather cramped when we are both trying to take it all up also. Poor Fadra doesn't know where to sleep and it tends to be on my head.  I've even been taking his morning paper when I leave the house in the morning since I paid for the subscription last time and he won't take the car to fill it up or wash it like he usually does. Little annoying things of that nature. He wants to play, hey I can play :o)

So anyway I get a call this morning from him stating that it was another pretty mean thing I did. I couldn't think of anything I had done other than steal his paper which I had been doing the last couple days and he hadn't said a thing so I was at a lost. I'm like, ok what did I do now? I couldn't believe my ears. He said I had taken out his hairspray and sprayed his half-full can dry so he couldn't spray his hair this morning!!!  Can you believe that? With everything going on he actually said I had taken the time to spray his hairspray can dry!! OMG, I had to start laughing at that one! That was such a good idea and I missed it! I told him he better watch out because I was out to get his shampoo, his cologne AND his toothpaste next!!! lol 

Such blissfulness is married life ♥

Music Monday - Shocking Blue

I heard this song on Sirius radio over the weekend and remembered how much I used to dig this band. Diggin' their groovy outfits too! lol

I have small space decorating on my mind

I've been doing a bit of online browsing about turning an extra room into a walk-in closet and I have pleasantly came upon some beautiful ideas about small spaces. I went from a medium large house to a small house and I still have not gotten used to it. But I know I am definitely not utilizing what little space I have. It's my quest this summer to do one room at a time. If I'm lucky I'll at least get the one room changed into a walk-in closet, hopefully. Check out the ideas I found. I need some color in my house and I thought these photos were beautiful ♥

I can't wait to get started! Now if I could just win the lottery :o)

7000+ Home Accessories. Shop

Coach Factory is having a sale on eBay

Coach is by far my favorite brand of purse! I don't have room for storage so I don't have a large collection of purses but hope to remedy that soon by turning a spare room into a walk-in closet :o) Wish me luck on that one! I usually buy a purse and then carry it for years. They last *forever*. I have a big one for everyday and a small one I take on a day out or some such. I am in need of a new one badly and it just so happens Coach Factory is currently running a sale on eBay. With an upcoming plane trip I think I may have to have the above lilac one. I don't know how long ago the sale started but there's one day left. Although they probably have them often. You can check the sale out here.

Coach stock photos

I love all of these! Decisions, Decisions! They have tons of styles ♥

Update: I scored the lilac bag above and the small wallet to match :o) In comparing prices and looking for Coach purses I  snatched up a "mint condition" red purse just like my little black one that I can't let go of but is worn to a frazzle. I look for one on eBay at least every few months and this is my first find at even a remote replacement. Bonus!

Easter weekend

I had a lovely long holiday weekend! Cooked, cleaned, went for a long walk up and down the creek, did a bit of shopping, activated my new iphone and hid Easter eggs but mostly ate jelly beans. I cannot stay out of them. Doesn't matter what color. I grab a handful every time I walk by. Yum!

I got out of my jeans and put on a pretty dress too!

♥ Dress:  Tulle
♥ Hosiery: Gray Mist from Leggs
♥ My Mauve Shoes

In an attempt to add a bit of color to my wardrobe I bought this dress used from ebay and although it is a beautiful dress I just don't think it is me. It's a bit too youthful or frilly or something for me. Maybe it's just out of my comfort zone.  I couldn't quite figure it out. It is from the Tulle clothing line which I adore. I purchased a Tulle brand dress from Modcloth for my birthday this past year and I love it! You can see it here. Guess it's more my style, if I had one! lol I also have a summer dress which I can't wait to wear once more. Love the brand just not this dress on me so much. Rather than let it hang in my closet I plan to send it forward to a friend of mine named Maria. A lovely young lady from Australia and since that's half around the world from me it will have traveled more than I have! lol. You can check out her beautiful blog at Avenue M. I do believe she will look gorgeous in it and will appreciate it's loveliness so much more so than I do :o)  I can't wait to see what she does with it! I'm thinking it needs a hat ♥

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

UPDATE:  I am pleased to say that my dress arrived in Australia unscathed! I am really jealous. I'm sure I will never see  Australia myself! lol Maria really loved it and was so thankful and sweet. I love the color on her! She didn't take my hat advice but I love the headband so much more :o) You can check out her post french-food-diy-stationery-and-fabulous which features the below photograph. All her posts are so beautiful and informative too ♥

Oh, my bleeding heart

So pretty and delicate they don't look real. I can't help but stop and look at them closely almost everytime I walk by. They are beautiful!

Winter to Spring

Even though spring is such a glorious time of year I am cold natured so it takes me a bit longer to pull out the short sleeves and sandals. Due to space in my home I put away summer stuff and so it's also a job to change seasons so the mood has to strike, which it hasn't! lol With the breezes blowing a chill in the air my warmer weather wardrobe will have to stay where it is, under the bed!

♥ Shirt - vintage (I think it was purchased at Kohl's)
♥ Belt - Calvin Klein (came with a dress)

As a thank you gift to my aunt for everything she did for me on my trip to Florida in January (which you can read about here, here and here) I ordered her this backpack from Modcloth. She is heading to Holland, Ireland, England and all the lands over in that general area on a trip this month sometime. While in Florida she shopped for a new purse to take with her and never found one so I was originally looking for her a purse. Then when I came across this backpack I thought that would be even better. She can find a purse she likes and put it in this backpack for travel. But since I was unsure about the color cantaloupe I wanted to see it before I sent it to her. She was complaining that everyone carried black so I wanted something colorful but not a bright orange so I thought I had better check it out first. I mean after all it was in for a long trip and it had to be sturdy too. I planned to mail it to her if it met with my approval.  Well, it met with my approval so much that I ended up keeping it myself :o) I needed a new bag to hold my crochet work and it is perfect! Of course I ordered her another and had Modcloth mail it to her directly. She loves it too! I can't wait to hear how it holds up on her journey ♥   

I think Fadra thought I was running away from home or something with the backpack out of the house. I told her if I did up and runn-oft I would certainly take her with me which eased her mind totally I'm sure ♥