I took this picture of my pretty girl last night. She's just the sweetest thing. After the long winter she's pretty shaggy but will be getting her spring haircut in a couple of weeks. She looks so funny after she is sheared! I'll be sure and do before and after pictures. Last year she looked so embarressed, like she was naked or something. It was so funny! I took a phone picture and sent it out and was laughing at her. Ended up getting in trouble with my mom. She said to stop making fun of her :o) which gave me another laugh! I am so glad it is Friday. I've had a rather stressful week but all is ok. You know mama said there'd be days like I've been having. Thankfully they do pass.  

I had to stop and get gas this morning so I decided to go in to pay so I could get a big Coke with extra ice (I don't drink coffee and it's nice to have ice on these warmer days) and while I was paying I got a nice compliment about my nails from the clerk. I recommended she go to the CVS, which is right across the street, after work and grab her some Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I really like this nail polish. It is suppose to have all the things you need in one bottle but I have found that if you do not use a base coat it will yellow your nails like any nail color will do if you do not use a base coat. I also feel it needs a top coat for shine but I always use the instant dry anyway which shines the nails also. The color I am wearing is "Shrimply Devine" and I think it is the perfect spring pink. I also purchased "Back to the Fuschia" but have not tried it yet. Don't you love it when you get a compliment out of the blue? It was very sweet of her. Just goes to show how you can lift someone's spirits with just a kind word ♥ 

Since Fadra's favorite singer is Britney Spears I decided she would be my choice of video today. Whenever Fadra hears some of her livelier tunes she perks up and starts bobbing her head. I thought at first it was probably just a catchy tune by a female singer but then noticed it was only Britney that gave her that bobbing feeling :o) Need to see if I can catch her on video sometime. It's hilarious! A few years ago Britney released her single "3" on my birthday which I took as a personal gift to me :o) I downloaded from iTunes and hear it often, however I had not seen the video until today. All I can say is.....WOW and then I watched it again ♥ 

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