Spring must be here, the daffodils are in bloom

After staying up last night till all hours watching the Leprechaun movies I must be running a little slow this morn. It was such a beautiful morning I decided to take some pictures of my daffodils, which are just now beginning to bloom. I then decided to do a draft post but I posted this post by accident without anything in it! lol I had planned to post it later and add all kinds of goodies about the beautiful daffodil but alas I must post. I guess I really should get some rest because while messing around the other day I ended up following myself! I had to laugh at that one but then I found it's pretty cool looking at my stuff in the mix with everyone else in the reader. I love the google reader! If you are not using it you should :o)

Have a beautiful Sunday! I'll be heading to bed early tonight ♥

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  1. Was one of them Chasing Leprechauns, on the Hallmark channel?

    I not only loved that movie for its Irishness, I had the sudden urge to dive into celtic spirituality. I do have a book about shamanism in Ireland and did get that book out for an hour of reading. But then the mood passed...


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