Snow one day, Flowers the next

Monday was my oldest son's birthday and this is the first time we can remember that it snowed. Yesterday the temperatures reached almost 60 and I had flowers blooming around the house. Crazy weather we are having for sure!

I've been recuperating from periodontal surgery I had on the 22nd of February on the right side of my mouth. Other than going to work I haven't been doing anything. Only soft food and liquids for 2 weeks plus they cover your gums with a putty type material and it kept gagging me. Thankfully I finally got it off yesterday so no gagging but oh my how sensitive. Hitting the drug store for Synsodyne toothpaste and Ibuprofen at lunch :o)

I took Fadra for a walk around the yard yesterday to take pictures of the flowers and it wore the poor girl out. Tried to root me right up while I was reading but finally got comfortable taking up the whole bed. She was even snoring! 

And I thought I was getting a purse dog! I'd have to have a saddlebag to carry her around ♥


  1. Happy belated birthday to your son! The dog is soooo adorable!! I have an akita I can't get to sit still. I understand how you feel regarding the weather. I live in Atlanta and our weather is also bipolar. Gotta love it! Great blog!

  2. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)


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