Product Review: Candy by Prada and Maybelline 14 hour Lipstick

While recuperating from my dental surgery I laid quite a bit in my bed watching tv or napping. The bed clothes were all freshly washed and dried with the Downy Simple Pleasures products in Lavender Serenity which smells as good as it sounds. My hubby says it's too flowery for everyday laundry but I would beg to differ if it were just me. While laying there with my mouth in agony and my nose in heaven, it hit me that I needed some new perfume. Santa seemed to have missed that one on my list somehow.

I came across the Prada Candy perfume which came out last fall somewhere over the internet awhile back and read that it smelled like caramel and vanilla without being overbearing or smelling like a kid. Sounded just yummy! I love the musky and vanilla smells but most are too strong for me even though I don't have a sensitive nose. And then there's the fact that I've never smelled a caramel perfume so this was the perfume I wanted to try.  I've been wearing Calvin Klein's Eternity, which is flowery, (but I know smells good on me and everyone likes) since I can remember so it seemed the perfect time to give Candy a try since my last sprintz of Eternity came out of my bottle on Valentine's Day and I need to try something new. The reviewers seemed to either love it or hate it so I had a 50/50 chance.

Since a trip to the mall to smell it wasn't anywhere in my future I decided to check it out online and found it was $80 plus shipping for the smallest bottle most places. I then decided to check it out on ebay prada+candy+perfume.  Of course, it is Prada so I expected it to be that price or more but since I hadn't even smelled it I was pleased when I came upon 3 new sample vials for $13 which I could purchase right then and there. Yay! I love ebay! It came in the mail yesterday and I tried it right away. I must say I really do love it! Guess I'm going to have to shell out that money after all. I put it on this morning at 7:30 and it's the end of the work day and I can still smell it and still love it, although I could probably use another spritz. It does not have a strong smell and I read reviews of it losing it's scent early on for some ladies but the holding power seems fine. On me, this perfume has a warm, caramel-y scent with hints of vanilla just as I had hoped it would and is not overbearing. This is definitely my new daily perfume. I'll have to get a new bottle of Eternity for special occasions ♥

The cute fellow in the back is Oscar, my giant Mud Pie piggy bank. I love him!
I normally sell these in my ebay store but currently don't have any boutique items listed.
I need to get on that I know :o)

So yesterday when I went to pick up Synsodyne toothpaste I happened to walk by the display of the new Maybelline 14 hour lipstick. Buy one, get one 1/2 off at Walgreen's right now. I've been wanting to try it so what better time.  I picked Eternal Rose and Ravishing Rouge. Eternal Rose is a bright pink and is what I am wearing in the picture below. I had looked for a long wear in this color last year but was never able to find one so I was excited! Ravishing Rouge looks to be a dark red but I haven't tried it yet.

When I took the cap off I noticed the lipstick has a sweet smell but was not overbearing.  I could not smell after applying to my lips. It was creamy and smooth. It did not feel like a long wear lipstick and I liked the way it went on. No gloss or moisturizing extra tube of anything needed. So far so good! That's about as far as it goes. After getting to work I noticed some came off on my straw and after eating a greasy taco at lunchtime I had to reapply. I love the matte color, the feel and the lipstick in general but you can't believe the 14 hour hype. The only way it would stay on 14 hours is if you didn't touch your mouth to anything. It would probably depend on what you ate also. That taco grease will cut through the best of long wears.

After wearing all day I can say that after drinking through a straw all day and eating a breakfast bar in the morning and a cookie in the afternoon I didn't feel the need to reapply other than the one time after lunch.  It is a good day lipstick or when you are just kicking around and have time to reapply if need be. All in all I really like the feel of it because it is not drying to the lips. I also love the color! I will be keeping this in my purse and wearing it alot but if it's true long wear I want I will stick with my  Covergirl Outlast all day lipcolor in Ever Red-dy which is what I normally wear.

Bottom line is I think the lipstick is worth a try but don't have great expectations for 14 hour wear :o)  However, it's still a great lipstick with lots of great colors so I'm happy with it ♥

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