A lonely flower on a sunny day

I spotted this little flower walking in to work this morning. It was a bud looking rather lonely sticking up all by itself. At lunchtime I noticed it had opened in the sunlight and I thought what a pretty picture it would make. It's a beautiful day here and I think this flower defines how we are all feeling with the sunshine shining! Let me feel it on my face! We may even break the record high. It's supposed to be close. Fadra had to go to the beauty shop today at lunchtime so rather than driving home I went and got some gas ($3.89 a gallon, yikes!) and picked myself up one of those new Doritos Tacos from Taco Bell. Boy, was that tasty! I had a little time left so I took the long way back to the office and listened to some tunes. I could have kept right on driving! Too bad I have to get back to work :o( but my boss is in Florida so while the cat's away you know what the mouse has to do.....play, play and play some more ♥  

A couple of months ago I posted a cool video which features Jaleel White (you know the guy who played Steve Urkel) as Cee Lo Green singing "Cry Baby" which I have to pop in and watch at least once a week. I  love that song!  (Watch here) It made me think of a video by Paul Simon in which it looks like Chevy Chase is singing "You Can Call Me Al". For some reason I wanted to hear it today. It's as good as I remember!

Enjoy ♥

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  1. 'you can call me al' was the very first music video i ever saw! it has a special place in my heart :)


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