Kiss me, I'm Irish!

I think I am mainly descended from hillbillies but by the looks of me I have to have some Irish in me somewhere :o) So pucker up ♥

♥ Green top - vintage
♥ Belt - vintage
♥ Grey sweater - Country Shop, Italian yarn - thrifted for $5.00 :o)
♥ Black skirt - Ralph Lauren
♥ Moccasins - Minnetonka

I love the zippers on the back of the moccasins!
I have found that due to the handstitching of the shoes I need to wear socks for comfort, though.

St. Patrick's Day was gorgeous today! I have my green on so no pinching :o) The skies were a beautiful shade of blue and nature blooming all shades of green. Spring is so refreshing. Today was the first time I tried out my tripod for some natural photography. I was pleased with the results but my camera only takes one picture at a time on the timer so  it was a little time consuming but fun nonetheless. I might get the hang of this after all ♥

I look like I've just been put under the Leprechaun's spell. Oh No!!!!

I sure enjoyed romping around the creekbed keeping an eye out for the Leprechaun. You never know when he'll come out of nowhere to take your gold. Now time for dinner and green beer and then home to watch the movie Leprechaun. I love that movie and have the whole set on DVD. Some of the movies are better than others but most are worth the watch. They've been on all day on SyFy to boot. I know what I'll be dreaming of tonight and then I'll wish I had changed the channel instead of just letting it run all day. There is something adorable about the little fellow though and I can't help but like him, he knows exactly what he wants and what he needs but he's so misunderstood. I just hope not to meet up with him any time soon :o) Pretty funny stuff!

Try as they will
Try as they might
Whoever steals me gold
Won't live through the night
                            - Leprechaun    

Beware my friends and Happy St. Patrick's Day ♥


  1. Your pictures came out beautifully, Darlene. And you look 110% Irish today : > The Leprechaun movies scared me too much. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday and have a wonderful day!

  2. Irish or not, you look beautiful!!:-) Love the tulip hemline of the green blouse and the belt! The scenery is perfect!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  3. Wonderful wearing of the green! LOVE your outfit!! Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day. I saw you over at Visible Monday.



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