Buying Flowers - The Oxeye Yellow Daisy

This time of year I always find myself looking forward to digging in the dirt and thinking of pretty flowers. I love planting flowers and making the yard look nice. I'll leave the cutting of the grass, the edging and weedeating to my hubby, though. Although I do, on occasion, do those things. I'm not uncapable, just don't want to :o) That part can turn into hard work and I'd rather play in the flowerbeds :o) We first moved into our new home a few years ago and when we moved in we didn't even have a driveway so I had to start from scratch and I do mean scratch. The home was remodeled and new but the yard was one big mess! I've done a bit each year so far and it's looking pretty good but I still need more flowers which seems to always be the case. I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing living next to a creek because creek rock reminds me of flowerbeds which makes me want more flowers. 

I am currently in the market for summer flowers and for something to put out in the wooded part of our land. I need something that will multiply and flourish without alot of care on my part.  I decided upon the Oxeye Yellow Daisy which looks to be a beautiful flower that will grow a couple feet tall, multiply and naturalize.  It will bloom mid summer through fall.  Bonus is I can do the "he loves me, he loves me not" with the petals this summer while wondering around my yard dreaming of days gone by ♥
They are having a buy one, get one, right now at (the link is good for B1G1 through April 8). I have purchased through them before and they are very good, reputable and they do have a guarantee if your plants or bulbs do not grow for you. You have to be careful doing mail order for flowers because they are all so beautiful that you want to buy everything and they can get expensive. Be sure to check how many plants or bulbs you will be receiving and keep in mind that one plant may only mean one flower. There are dozens of plant types so know what you are purchasing beforehand. My granddaughter wanted some expensive tulips which only came up one year and then the bulbs must have been eaten by squirrels or moles because they have not come up again. They may have frozen out but tulips usually grow in my area but maybe just not in my yard. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet if your plants don't make it. More than not I have had good luck with what I have bought but I do have a few fails here and there. I was never able to grow roses in my last yard but the little rose bush my granddaughter planted last spring is doing excellent so your yard will make a difference also.

You'll want to know when they will be shipped, when they should be planted and what season and for how long the plants will bloom and whether or not they are viable to your growing region. Spring bulbs ship in the fall for planting and summer bulbs in the spring but you should check for the season of the plant you like and when it needs to be planted. You'll also want to see if your flower will flourish where you plan to plant it. If it needs shade it will not grow in direct sunlight and a plant that will multiple and will get large you will not want to plant in a small area. Also, how much time do you have to spend watering, pruning and things of that nature.

I like a mix of perennials which come up every year and bloom at a certain time for a few weeks along with a mix of annuals which are planted for one season but tend to bloom all summer. There are lots of online sites that will guide you in planning your flower garden whether it be a big yard or a small area. Most of the sites have all the information you'll need. Some even have specific pre-planned gardens that you can purchase which makes chosing a breeze for a specific area.

When we moved in I found there were lots of these pretty lillies growing wild. My granddaughter and I dug a bunch up and planted around the wooded area of the land. Took us more than one weekend and was alot of work. Last year they looked good but this year I think most of them will bloom and be beautiful. Last year I planted daffodils in between the lillies and only had a few bloom but next year I should have more blooms. It takes a couple of years for new plants or transplanted plants to bloom.

I have been writing about flowers for a couple weeks seems like and had planned to share a tidbit I found out about the daffodil when I posted a picture of mine but posted by mistake and never did locate the information again but since I was looking for links and such about flowers today I decided to find it and share it in this post. The daffodil..... "There are two derivations of the name. One is that of the youth of Greek mythology called Narcissus, who, in at least one of many variations of the tale, became so obsessed with his own reflection as he knelt and gazed into a pool of water that he fell into the water and drowned. In some variations, he died of starvation and thirst from sitting by the edge of the pool, transfixed by his own reflection. In both versions, the Narcissus (daffodil) plant sprang from where he died." Oh my, he must have been one pretty boy or at least in his own mind ♥

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