Hard Rock Cafe - Destin, Florida

I was extremely tickled to see there was a Hard Rock Cafe in town on my recent trip to Florida. These restaurants are by far my favorite! I have many glasses I have collected over the years when I have had the pleasure of visiting a cafe. I have often said I am glad we do not have one near us or I would probably have to quit my job and work there :o) Of course, embarressing my cousin, who is a local, by acting like a tourist was a major bonus!

♥ Dress: Eliza J
♥ Sandals: Azaleia

This is me and my cousin Chrissy before we left for the evening. She is also a redhead but went blond since she moved to Florida. We had the best time catching up and telling family stories. My dad used to tease her because she reminded him of me. We both had a tendency to stomp around :o)

I love the Bahama Mamas they make and the fajitas are marvelous. Watching the videos are pretty awesome too. If you ever get a chance to check out one of the Hard Rock Cafes be sure and do so. They are all different and just the coolest!


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  1. You and your cousin look fantastic with the beautiful Gulf behind you. I really like your striped dress. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday, too!


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