Music Monday - Seether

This video is so cute! Enjoy ♥

Leaving on a Jet Plane - My Florida Story

Up and ready to head to the airport! I love the suitcase my mom let me borrow. The floral pattern was great for locating it after landing. As far as packing for just a carry-on, I had read lately that when flying light, rather than taking a different outfit for each day that you should take mix and match basic items that you can layer or wear alone and to stick with just one or two colors. Made perfect sense after I read it but I don't think I had ever packed without deciding on a particular outfit for each day plus extras just in case I couldn't make up my mind. I always ended up with way to many clothes and now I realize why. My wardrobe choices were so much more versitile this time around and I even had less items. That was such a good idea I don't know why I hadn't thought of it! Gray and black were the colors I chose since I had just bought a new coat with gray tones and had recently purchased some gray clothing. It worked out wonderfully I must say.  I wore my tennies and took a pair of sandals. I had everything I needed all neatly in my carry-on! 

Ok, I'm ready to go now!!

I have only flown on a long trip once before and since I didn't want to fly by myself my hubby took me to Louisville to meet my aunt so I could fly with her. It worked out fine on the way down but took me over 14 hours to get home from Florida. Storms in the south and ice at home, oh my. I may have to put on my big girl pants and fly alone should the opportunity arise again. Although flying with Joyce was such fun I guess it was worth it! We seem to think alike, like how drinking whenever we could while on vacation was a super idea :o) I joined her in drinking wine up until about Wednesday when I switched back to my regular beer. Couldn't keep up with her! lol She'd have a glass of wine and then a cup of coffee off and on all day. She cracked me up! But as we kept saying, "we're on vacation!"

My first morning view ♥ 

It was really strange to get up and not have anything that I had to do. All the vacations I have had in the last few years have pretty much been a long weekend or time off when friends or family were visiting. Almost every minute planned for something. My mom and Claudia had to unexpectedly come home for a few days and Joyce went to lunch with her grandson so I had the condo all to myself with absolutely nothing I had to do. It was sweet sitting on the balcony watching and listening to the ocean waves all by myself. I played a bit on my cell phone by sending a picture of the beach to everyone to make them jealous and it worked. Had a bit of fun out of the poor folks at home!

The beachbums ♥

I spent the bulk of my week with Joyce and we had such a good time. We went for walks on the beach, out to eat, shopping and one day we took a scenic drive. It was all about relaxation!

Me and my aunt Betty ♥

She was working most of the time so I didn't get to see her much :o( We did get to go to dinner one night and she took us to breakfast and a little shopping before taking us to the airport to come back home.

My mom Audrey, me, my aunt Joyce and her daughter Chrissy talking about the days of old, which products we loved the most, our favorite clothes and fast boys in fast cars! And of course, my dad and his Harley Davidson ♥

My uncle Tony and me ♥
I used to think of him as a sort of Cary Grant, James Bond type when I was little.
He's still quite the handsome fellow!

My aunt Claudia and me ♥
She bought me this lovely top on a shopping trip one day. How nice of her! I love it!

We played cards as partners against my mom and my aunt Joyce and stayed up till almost 1 a.m. It was such fun! Joyce decided we would play 5-UP in honor of my grandpa (their daddy) but apparently she forgot that I was always his partner and we always kicked ass! Of course he's not going to let me lose :o) Whenever he would start to lose he would stand up and turn around to turn around his luck which is something that I still do. Although this go round Joyce was the one to get up and turn around and I'll be doggone if it didn't work. I guess he thought he'd better throw her a bone! They did catch up with us but their score never surpassed us. You only play to 6 in this game and so the games go fast and you can play a bunch so it was something that we always stayed ahead and eventually were crowned the champs much to Joyce and mom's dismay. Claudia was the queen of the 1 point turning over of a Jack. She was accused of hiding them up her sleeve. So many laughs! I know grandpa was smiling down on us ♥  

The Bay

Should I just move in for good? Of course, I would have to take my hubby and my puppy dog who both really missed me. Fadra had the middle cushion on the couch broken down from sitting there watching for me to get home and my hubby had the whole house cleaned up and you would have thought he hadn't seen me in a month. It did make me happy they missed me so I guess my Florida home will have to wait :o) I can always visit again, though ♥

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day which is also my wedding anniversary. This year made 14 years. I guess wonders really do never cease :o) The year we got married Valentine's Day landed on a beautiful 60 degree Saturday. It was perfect! Although it's never been that warm since then yesterday was pretty nice. I was actually able to wear heels rather than boots. Maybe next year on our 15th I'll be laying on a beach somewhere ♥

♥ Dress: Calvin Klein
♥ Coat: Ann Taylor
♥ Shoes: Croft and Barrow

We almost always head to Cincinnati to the most marvelous restaurant The Grand Finale. It's a restaurant set in an old house and has alot of personality, not to mention the best food! After steak and lobster and a few beers I thought I was going to pop before I got home. We had a great time!

They have a small bar upstairs we like to sit in for awhile before we go down and eat. Lots of antiques and old nostalgic stuff. I didn't get any pictures of the actual dining area downstairs which is more fancy. By then I was so ready to eat and the place was so crowded the opportunity never arose. They have a lovely outside area in the summertime too. Very lovely place and one of my all time favorites. One of those little out of the way gems you love to find! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I certainly did :o)

I love you like a love song, baby ♥


Music Monday - Lady Gaga

For all the good girls in love with those bad bad boys!

Enjoy ♥

Hard Rock Cafe - Destin, Florida

I was extremely tickled to see there was a Hard Rock Cafe in town on my recent trip to Florida. These restaurants are by far my favorite! I have many glasses I have collected over the years when I have had the pleasure of visiting a cafe. I have often said I am glad we do not have one near us or I would probably have to quit my job and work there :o) Of course, embarressing my cousin, who is a local, by acting like a tourist was a major bonus!

♥ Dress: Eliza J
♥ Sandals: Azaleia

This is me and my cousin Chrissy before we left for the evening. She is also a redhead but went blond since she moved to Florida. We had the best time catching up and telling family stories. My dad used to tease her because she reminded him of me. We both had a tendency to stomp around :o)

I love the Bahama Mamas they make and the fajitas are marvelous. Watching the videos are pretty awesome too. If you ever get a chance to check out one of the Hard Rock Cafes be sure and do so. They are all different and just the coolest!