A stroll on the beach!

♥ Beachbum: Levi's

I'm back from Florida and I had such a great time! I spent the week with my mom, my cousin and my 3 aunts. We spent time telling stories of days gone by (no wonder I'm so crazy, those gals are nuts ♥), playing cards (me and my aunt Claudia are the champs, no denying unless you talk to the others..lol), eating, drinking and shopping. It was pretty laid back and felt weird getting up and having absolutely nothing I had to do. It was sweet!

The weather stayed in the lower 60's so it was not warm enough to lay in the sun so we had to settle for a long walk on the beach which was wonderful in itself so I am not complaining.  The white beach was so beautiful! I had a great time strolling on the beach with my aunt Joyce who actually believed me when I said the water wasn't cold :o)

This is where we stayed...

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