Concert Series: Taylor Swift

For a Christmas present I made the girls a picture album of our trip to see Taylor Swift last spring and I thought I would share a few pics and a little of our story. After hours of working on pictures I was relieved the photo albums came out so well and that the girls were thrilled with them. I mixed my pictures along with pictures I came across online. Some of mine were a bit fuzzy since they were taken with my old camera but mixed in with ones that looked like I had taken them only better it worked out perfectly. The ones here in the post are some of mine. I have so many more but it's hard to choose. I used Snapfish to do the photo books. I am always pleased with their product.  You can store pictures, make albums, get prints, photo trinkets and anything you need. I highly recommend it. They are fast, reasonable and have some great sales.  

Anyway to get to the story, the morning tickets went on sale for Taylor Swift I got an email from one of my favorite venues that said I could get tickets before the general public if I used a code at a certain time. I tried to restrain myself but come 9:00 that morning I was online and ready to purchase.  As it turned out this impulse buy ending up being one of the best ever.  I got 4 tickets with no thought as to who was going to go but I knew me and Ashley were so there. We planned the 2 hour trip and reservations were made to spend the night. Now who else was going to go with us? Of course, I had to ask my hubby first but he quickly said he'd pass so in stepped my mom. I was not going on an overnight trip with 3 kids by myself so another adult was a must. As it turned out Ashley's older sister did not want to go (she's too cool :) so her bff snatched up the other ticket. Unfortunately the day of the show I woke up with a toothache and swollen jaw. OMG, I was afraid I was going to have to miss the show! My hubby went and got me some tooth medication and my mom went on a search for pain pills. Luckily I was able to attend and other than Ashley forgetting her bag that had her sandals and day after outfit in it the rest of the trip went off without a hitch.  A great time was had by all! I wish I had been able to get a video of those girls singing Taylor's songs on the way there. Glad mom found those pain pills. ♥

Ashley traded in her sequined hat for a feathered cowboy hat. The sold-out crowd consisted mainly of females of all ages. There were lots of cowboy hats and boots in attendance that's for sure! Lots of excitement in the air.

Taylor was absolutely amazing. It was definitely over-the-top. A huge production show. Very magical and fairytale like, complete with  a dozen wardrobe and set changes, a revolving colored tree, acrobats, confetti and a close-up look at Taylor as she floated around the arena in her own balcony! There was even snow in June!

When Taylor headed down to our end of the arena I let the girls go down and take some pictures and see her up close.

As you can see by those faces the girls couldn't have had a better time. Even got to McDonald's the next morning right at 10:30 so they got to have chicken nuggets and hash browns together. I wanted to stop at Waffle House and so they thought it was very funny that they ended up getting exactly what they wanted because I told them breakfast would be over. Two lucky little ladies! ♥

Check out Taylor's official website here!
Check out close up pics of the concert we attended on an awesome fan website here!
To get Taylor's look and learn what she wore where visit Couture Candy which is a very cool site!
If you get a chance to go see her all I can say is go!!

Watching this video is like being there all over again except without the rain :o)

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  1. That concert look so magical. I love Taylor Swift also, her style is so beautiful, classic and she has respect for herself.
    Those girls are very lucky! :)
    xo Maria


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