Snow after Christmas

First off I want to say I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got everything their heart desired whether it was gifts, spiritual or just having fun with friends and family. Even though I only put out a little ceramic Christmas tree on Thursday last week we finally got in the swing of things. My Christmas party was Friday and I had so much fun that my hubby had to take me home early before I fell off the barstool :o) I was in the bed before 11:30. Saturday was last minute shopping, picking up the Honey Baked Ham and a little hair of the dog at Outback Steakhouse. Wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies filled the evening. Sunday was spent going to the grocery, cooking and cleaning. Monday and Tuesday were spent with family celebrating, eating, opening gifts and catching up. Everyone had a great time! The Furby's were a big hit and totally hilarious! I think I should have gotten myself one :o)

Santa was very good to me this year. I got a new pair of chocolate UGG boots, a Bose portable sounddock (which I have been wanting for years), 2 coats from Modcloth which you can see here and here, a pair of Victoria's Secret flannel pj's with houseslippers, Bath and Body Works goodies, a sweet smelling Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle and wax warming set which my oldest granddaughter had to elbow a lady away from on black Friday (I'm so proud! lol) and other little things consisting of the movie Red Riding Hood, a brown belt to match my boots, some tights, a red rose containing a pretty ring and earrings from my granddaughter and a $50 bill to mention a few. I must have been a very good girl this year ♥   

The day after Christmas we woke up to lots of snow. I went into work for a little bit but they were calling for blizzard conditions and tons of snow so my boss let me go home. Yay! It took me almost an hour to get home. It normally takes me 15 minutes. I don't think I ever went over 25 mph. I do travel a different way when there is bad weather due to all the hills around my work and home which is a bit longer but better safe than sorry. Don't want to end up in the ditch for sure. 


I was so happy to finally see my road. We ended up with about 6" of snow which was less than expected but still very nasty. On another note, the house above was for sale at the same time ours was. It had been remodeled and is beautiful. Of course I had to take a look. However it was much too big and expensive for what we were looking for but isn't it pretty in the snow? Around the corner and there's mine in sight. I made it home without any problems but I hate driving in the snow!


Home Sweet Home!!

I used the extra time off from work to put away all my goodies and rearrange some drawer space. I warmed up the last of the Christmas ham with leftovers and we watched Elf.  Perfect ending to a wonderful holiday!

I just saw a million birds at lunchtime today...well maybe not a million, but alot!

  Video: PSY - Gangnam Style (My son enlightened me on the web sensation over Christmas after I told him I hadn't actually watched it. We did a little Gangnam Style around the house

Thrilled the world didn't end today!

First of all I'm so happy I didn't wake up to zombies or become one in the middle of the night due to the end of the world! We had a menacing sky last night so I did wonder for a moment but I had hoped that with the freezing winds and dusting of snow the zombies might freeze solid. With The Walking Dead set in Georgia they kind of skipped over the wintertime which probably doesn't freeze much there anyway but that only leaves me with no idea how to fight zombies in the cold but the thought they would freeze eased my mind.


Today is my Christmas office party so I've been goofing off some which makes for an excellent day! (You can see last year's photo here.) I think the fellows are already celebrating. After today I will be off until after Christmas. It's a good thing because I still have alot to do to get ready for the big day. I didn't have any vacation time left since I went to Florida twice (see here, here, here and here). I also had gum surgery and with taking a day here and a day there before I knew it all of it was used up. It's the first time I haven't saved up any time off in some years. I am reminding myself right now to be sure to save up at least two days next year. I didn't realize how much I missed having that extra time off. I still have to shop a little and go to the grocery so I am glad the holiday didn't land in the middle of the week. At least I have 4 days off :o)

Fadra was not very cooperative in taking pictures today. She kept looking around and wanting to get down.  She's obsessed with looking for the cat when she goes outside and I didn't have time to let her walk around first. Way too cold for that! And besides I had to hurry back to work to goof off :o) Still I think Art did pretty well capturing a couple good pictures. I featured my coat in a former post here if you have any interest in it. It's so warm and comfy. I love it! 

If you need a quick cold sidedish for the holidays check out my recipe for crapmeat salad here.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa is good to you! I saw him earlier driving around town in a gold van and he winked and waved at me so that's enough for me to know I made the "nice" list. What a load off my mind ♥

I'm wakin' up at the start of the end of the world, but it's feelin' just like every other morning before...

Video:  Matchbox Twenty - How Far We've Come (Official)

Music Monday - Matchbox Twenty

I don't normally do Music Monday two weeks in a row but I got our tickets to go see Matchbox Twenty on my 15th wedding anniversary and I'm just too excited over them to do anything else today. I'll be walking up these steps in a few months....I can't wait!!! What shall I wear? ♥

Video: Matchbox Twenty - Overjoyed (Official)


This is the time of year when we all reflect on yet another year gone by and give thanks for making it through. It is strange how some days can drag by so slow that you feel you'll never make it until the end of the week but then when you look back it seems the days have gone by so fast. It hasn't been the most exciting year for me as I decided it was time to sit back, get myself and my house in order and roll with the flow. I am thankful this year that I was able to finally make my little house my own, that basically everyone is healthy and working, that my youngest son is back home (after a tour of duty in the Navy and attending college in Florida), and that I have made strides to take charge of my life (still some groundwork to Rather than going out alot or spending money on others like I usually do I stayed home many weekends and worked. It wasn't all Cinderella-like or anything though. I bought myself some new stuff  and enjoyed revamping my house. I went through every nook and cranny (except those pesky kitchen cabinets but I still have until December 31). I am pleased to say that I almost know where everything in my house is located. A place for everything and everything in its place. I don't think I've ever been able to say that my entire life! I am thankful that a new year is ahead and that hopefully it will be a year full of doing lots of fun things. With the work almost behind me I think it's time to party! 

Speaking of work, I must say that I am very thankful for my job. I work as a paralegal in a small law office for two attorneys. Actually since it's just the three of us I do everything, not just paralegal work. I even clean the office once a week and do the bills once a month. Not a ton of money and no glamour but it does have its perks. I am left to myself to get my work done, listen to whatever radio station I want, I can control the heating and air conditioning, surf the web and even get by with wearing jeans whenever I want unless we have clients coming in.  I think that last one was part of the reason my wardrobe was sadly lacking for awhile.

I truly feel lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life and I thank God each and every day for the blessings I have. Now if I could just find someone to pay me to do nothing all day that would truly be a blessing. A girl can dream, can't she?   

♥ Sweater Dress:  eBay
♥ Boots: Anne Klein
♥ Stretchy Belt is from another sweater dress I have and tights are from CVS.


Video:Jackson Browne - Lawyers in Love

Music Monday - Kid Rock

New Kid Rock album...Rebel stores now! Pretty good stuff! You can take a free listen on iTunes for a limited time or download it. Guess he finally sold out on the iTunes issue. For awhile it was just him and the Beatles and the Beatles caved awhile back. Both of their reasoning was that their albums were made to listen to in one fell swoop rather than cut up into separate songs. I have found this to be true for both artists but to each his own and if someone just likes one song well such is the way of music these days. Everyone has their favs. Unless I really want a cd cover, I download all my stuff from iTunes be it one song or a whole album. It's just too easy.  The Rebel Soul album is mostly good ole rock and roll. Love it!  ♥

This song made me LOL and I can't get it out of my head. I have woken up in the morning singing to myself, my name is Cucci, Cucci Galore! Lord, help me :o)  

Video:  Kid Rock - Cucci Galore (Official)

Bass booties, love 'em!!

♥ Top: Found in the back of my closet with tag ripped off
♥ Pencil Skirt: Addicted Brand (Burlington Coat Factory)

I'm pleased to say that I am back to happily dancing in my chair to Larosa's commercials. I didn't actually loose my mind from listening to so many political ads but I guess it would depend on who you talk to for a real verdict on that one.  Let's hope our president can now get some things accomplished. We can only hope for a better future for us all.

I think I was drained from the time change, the election and excited for a new episode of American Horror Story so much that I didn't take the time to take many pictures of this outfit but I wanted to show off my new boots. Maybe this weekend I'll learn to use the self-timer on my new camera. It does take much clearer pictures. It's officially winter now because it's almost completely dark by the time I get home so I guess no outdoor shots for awhile.

Anyhoo,  I love these Bass boots! They are so comfortable. I wore them all day without ever having worn them before and my feet were no worse for wear.  I have had a few pairs of Bass shoes over the years and it seems they never wear out. They are very well made. I have a wide short foot so I prefer to order my shoes through the mail so I can get a wide width. Also new shoes come so nicely packaged and you know no one's foot has ever been inside them. If you are a little strapped for cash you can always make payments through They have tons of shoes and accessories and liberal credit with small payments.  

I wonder what I stepped on or should I say in?

I'm still in need of some skinny jeans. Why do I hate to shop for jeans so bad?????? Maybe I need to stop by the bar on my way :o) 

Video: Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait

Babel - Mumford & Sons

Election Day...

Somebody shoot me!

I have been so bombarded with presidential commercials for the last two days I am losing my mind. I think I heard someone say "you just can't trust that guy" in my dreams last night. Living in Ohio we are what they are calling the swing state which means to me that we have had to endure more than our fair share of mudslinging and politicing. I haven't even seen my one boss all day who said he would be in after he voted this morning. He's probably somewhere drinking Manhattan cocktails and discussing the present state of the election. At least he's out of my hair and I guess that's why I've been able to listen to the radio. Everyone is so wrapped up in who is going to be the President no one is interested in their legal problems today.  It is interesting in that I can't ever remember a presidential election being so close and to be in the state that may decide the outcome I think it has taken over and become an entity of its own. One commercial tells you something and the next comes on and mentions that very commercial and says it's a lie. It is kind of funny actually :o) Remember....I am Barack Obama, candidate for President, and I approved this At least the radio station is really rockin'!

You could be the difference in what was and what could have been so get out and vote!!!  
(I heard it on the radio ♥)

Video: INXS - Devil's Party (audio only)

Fadra's Motion Picture Snapshot

Over the weekend I spent a bit of time getting to know my new camera so I could better understand my photography class. I downloaded the full manual from the cd that came with the camera which is much more in depth than the small printed reference manuals they include and I started at the beginning. There's just so much to learn. One of the main things I've learned so far is that you are much more likely to take good pictures if you learn to use your camera's abilities and the only way to do that is to read your manual and get acquainted. I made notes as I went and fiddled with my camera as well. I decided to skip over the parts which dealt with video as I will tackle that another day. But I found something cool before I moved on. Apparently I have 4 modes on my dial and one is named Motion Picture Snapshot.  You take a picture and you have your picture plus you have a one second video. I thought it was pretty neat and something I plan to try a bit more. Fadra will be hiding for sure! The color is not correct but that is something else I will tackle another day. Otherwise I thought it was very cool!  Here's Fadra's video snippet debut ♥


She was my guinea pig throughout my lesson but finally refused to look at me anymore and wanted to go to bed. She was asleep before the light was ever turned off. She has such a rough life!