Let me introduce you to my baby, Fadra

I was just going through some old pictures and came across some that were taken this summer of me and Fadra. She is a bischon frise and feels like a big fluffy cotton ball. She was 2 years old on the 4th of July. My hubby got her for me for my birthday 2 years ago when she was only a few weeks old. What a surprise since he's not really into pets but now he worries about her more than I do. I had been hearing the song "Some Velvet Morning" on my iPod alot so I knew her name before we went to pick her up. The song just kept popping up even though I have tons of songs. I took it as fate and it seemed to fit her when I saw her. She goes to the beauty shop once a month where she gets to visit with her little dogfriend, Bosco who is a little Boston terrier. He goes nuts when she comes in and starts bringing her toys. It's so cute! She knows the words "beauty shop" and "Bosco" but somehow hasn't grasped "come" or "no". Needless to say she is spoiled rotten. I have tried all sorts of things for her brown eyes but nothing works so I just wash them out with baby shampoo every few days. She follows me practically every step I make so if you are thinking of getting a bischon they are a breed which needs alot of attention. She also needs to be brushed every couple days to keep her from matting up. She's great with kids and is very sweet. My little diva!

Sweater: JC Pennys
Capris: Levis
Shoes: Converse

I found a short video clip I had taken of her while trying to figure out the video feature on my new camera. I joined Vimeo this morning and posted it as my first video. She's adorable, that's for sure! (If you watch the video turn your speakers down a bit at first. I just noticed when it starts she yelps out which might startle you or make your ears cringe :o)

Do you have a pet?

I also have a box turtle named Tommie but she doesn't get around too much. She's eats a mean worm, though!

Sinatra, Nancy & Lee Hazelwood / Some Velvet Morning

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